Monday, March 12, 2012

Mojo Chicken Nachos

As a housewarming gift my parents got my wife and I a Weber grill. We christened the grill on Sunday with a couple Mojo (Pronounced: Mo-Joe) marinated flap steaks and on Monday I used the remaining mojo marinade on some boneless chicken thighs. Rather than grilling up some corn tortillas and having chicken tacos, I took the nacho route. Cheddar cheese, mojo grilled chicken thighs, and the left over salsa verde that I also made on Sunday resulted in a solid dinner. Let me break down the mojo marinade and the salsa verde for you:

Mojo marinade - fresh lime juice, fresh orange juice, olive oil, salt, fresh garlic, fresh jalapeno, and cilantro all blasted in a food processor. Next time I need to add a splash of white vinegar to balance out the citrus.

I made a mild and hot salsa verde. Started out with some pablano peppers, tomatillos, red onion, a jalapeno, and a habanero on the grill to char them up a bit. For the milder salsa, I mixed the grilled tomatillos, pablanos (stem and most seeds removed), and red onion in a food processor. For the hotter salsa, I added the jalapeno and habanero to half of the milder salsa and pulsed it in the food processor. The salsa was great, but next time I need to add some salt and a little fresh lime.

Weber Genesis E-310

Those Thighs

Nachos baking on the grill

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