Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lions Tap - Eden Prairie, MN

Prior to a recent trip to Minnesota for work, my older brother told me he found a burger that is better than both Matt's bar and the 5-8 Club, both of which have been featured on the Travel Channel.  Knowing how good the 5-8 Juicy Lucy was and how great Matt's Juicy Lucy was, I found it hard to believe that he found a better burger.

The menu at Lions Tap is simple, 4 or 5 types of burgers that can be ordered as a single or a double and french fries (big ups to crinkle cut).  I was told the burgers were small and to order 2.  I decided to go with the classic single cheese burger with grilled onions and pickles (decent), and a single bacon cheeseburger with pickles (delicious).  The bacon cheeseburger was great.  The patty was cooked to a nice medium on the flat top with a good outer crust.  The bacon was spectacular and added great flavor to the burger.  I was really impressed with the McDonald's style bun.  This was such a simple burger and it was the best bacon cheeseburger that I have ever had. 

I can't make a bold claim and say that Lions Tap is better than Matt's Bar.  They are two different styles of burgers.  If I were in the mood for a hot, oozy cheese burger I would belly up at Matt's Bar, but if I wanted a classic bacon burger and an ice cold root beer, I would head to the Lions Tap. 

- Lunch Pail

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ravioli Scarpariello

Quick little dinner I put together a few weeks ago.  I am a big fan of scarpariello sauce, but didn't feel like having it the traditional way with chicken, so I used some delicious ravioli.  I sauteed up some hot sausage (out of the casing), cherry peppers, onions, and olive oil until it was cooked nice.  Then I hit it with some some white wine until it reduced a little bit, and the added some chicken broth and a dribble of the vinegar from the cherry pepper jar.  Let it boil for a couple of minutes in the pan until I added the cooked ravioli.

It turned out to be a great meal, I just wish I had made more of it.