Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Matt's Bar - Minneapolis, MN

Matt' Bar, home of the original Jucy Lucy, is phenomenal.  It is better than the Juicy Lucy at the just as famous 5-8 Club.  It is fair to compare the burgers of the two establishments, but after that they are completely different.  5-8 turned into a mini chain restaurant with 3 locations and offers an extensive menu with a closed kitchen.  Matt's Bar on the other hand is a classic dimly lit dive bar that has the griddle right behind the bar and the menu hung on the wall.  The burger was Delicious.  It came on a fresh bun, with diced grilled onions and crisp pickles.  The patties was cooked perfectly and had a great crust seared on it from the flat top.  The American cheese was plentiful and steamed while it oozed out of the center of the burger.

When looking for a Jucy Lucy in Minneapolis, head to Matt's.

- Lunch Pail
The Menu
The Griddle