Thursday, July 8, 2010

5-8 Club - Minneapolis, MN

I was in Minneapolis recently for work and was able to meet up with my older brother for some dinner.  He recommended we go to the 5-8 Club for some Juicy Lucy's.  I have heard of this place before on the Travel Channel, so I knew what I was in for, but I did not expect it to be as good as it was.  In addition to the standard Juicy Lucy, they have 5 specialty Lucy's.  I went with the Pig Pen, a half pound burger stuffed with bacon and cheddar, and Matt went with the standard Juicy Lucy stuffed with American cheese.  The burgers were better than advertised.  They were perfectly cooked and oozed with cheese, the American oozed more than the cheddar.  Think of a chocolate lava cake, but with bacon and cheese.  The burger had a good crust from the high heat of the flat top, with a balance of grease and tenderness on the inside.  I think it took me less than 7 bites to send it down south.

Before the burgers however, we decided to get warmed up with a couple of appetizers.  Fried cheese curds and a 1/2 dozen buffalo wings.  The wings were decent, nothing to brag about.  The cheese curds on the other hand were phenomenal.  Deep fried morsels of white cheddar cheese dipped in marinara sauce that did not harden up like most mozzarella sticks.  I was very impressed with these and only wished we had more of them and that they were popular in the tri-state area.

I am scheduled to be out there on October, and I think we might have to do a double header with the 5-8 Club followed by Matt's Bar, which is just down the street from 5-8, and claims to be the originator of the Juicy Lucy.

-Lunch Pail 
The Pig Pen - Looks pretty simple on the outside
Inside Look - Pig Pen (L), Juicy Lucy w/ American (R), on a bed of Jo-Jo's
Basket of Fried Cheese Curds
6 Buffalo Wings - Decent at best

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