Thursday, July 1, 2010

Showdown: $1 Double Burger

July is the Summer, and the Summer means cheeseburgers.  Why not start July off right with a burger post.

It has been a long standing argument about which fast food chain is better, McDonald's or Burger King.  I don't expect to solve this argument here, but I thought it would be a good idea to have a $1 double burger showdown between two of the best fast-food heavy weights.

Burger King's double burgers seemed a bit heavier than Mickey's, they claim it is about a 1/4 lb, but the bun also seemed to be saturated with grease.  The seeded bun was a plus, but there was not enough ketchup or pickles, and there were not any onion bits.  Overall it was a good burger and is definately worth $1.

Mickey's double is a little lighter, but overall, I feel it is better than the King's.  Since I was kid, I always thought McDonald's had the best burger buns, even without the seeds, and I am a seed guy.  The bun was not soaked in grease, the burger had the right amount of ketchup, and their pickles are the best.  I would much rather spend my dollar at Ronald McDonald's house than at the King's castle.

I am sure people will disagree, this is just my opinion.

Burger King


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