Monday, November 30, 2009

Serious Meat says....


Thank you to all of the readers and contributors for a fun and entertaining opening month of Lunch O'Clock.  Keep reading and keep contributing.  The blog is only as fun and interesting as you make it.

- Lunch Pail

Black Friday Lunch

The best part of Thanksgiving is the following day's sandwich that can be made from all of the left overs.  I usually start thinking about the sandwich in the beginning of the week to make sure I do not miss any key items.  Serious Meat and I made a quick trip the convenience store mid morning on Friday to get some rolls and American cheese.  Suprisingly, the convenience store has some great rolls.  I went with a club roll and Serious Meat opted for an Onion roll.  Hopefully Serious Meat will do a write up about his sandwich.  Although I made it for him, I don't want to misrepresent his feelings in anyway. 

The club roll had a nice crust and soft center, and was the optimal jumping off point for this sandwich.  Working from the bottom to the top, the sandwich consisted of American cheese, Stuffing**, Ham, Turkey, Stuffed Mushrooms, and Ranch dressing.  The 5 key players (Ranch is a condiment and considered the 6th man) in this sandwich really worked well together and highlighted each others strengths and hid the weaknesses.  My money is on this starting 5 over the New York Knicks anyday.

In most athletic rosters the "**" indicates the captain of the team, and it is no different here.  The captain of the 2009 Black Friday Sandwich is the Stuffing.  This isn't your run of the mill Stove Top Stuffing, no way, no way.  This stuffing was made by Big D and as usual, it never fails.  This stuffing includes the standard breading, celery, onion, carrot, and chicken broth, but those are just the pawns to the main ingredient...Sausage!  If you have never had this kind of stuffing, I am sorry.  Let me know and I will get you the recipe.

Note:  A key player that did not make the team this year was the side of brown gravy.  Somehow all of the gravy ended up in the freezer and I didn't feel like waiting for it to defrost.

- Lunch Pail

Nice Layer of Ranch to Top it Off.

Cross section shot with a pint of Arnold Palmer

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fado Irish Pub - Seattle, WA

Phil #14 and I were in Seattle, WA together back in February 2008 for work and were looking for a good bar to go to.  We found this Irish Pub called Fado's and heard it had the same owners as the Irish Pub in Stamford, CT, Tigin, so we decided to give it a shot.  The bar itself was really good and I liked it better than Tigin in Stamford.  It was much bigger and didn't seem as dark.  If you are ever in Seattle, be sure to stop in for a beer and some good Irish pub food.

Phil started out drinking Guiness and I went with Hoegaarden and didn't stop.  Hoegaarden has become a favorite beer of mine.  It is a white ale with a 5.0% alcohol content which gets you pretty pumped up.  It usually comes with an orange of lemon slice in a wide glass.  If you have never had it, I highly recommend it.

I am not sure how many we had, but we had enough to get Phil sick.  The Hoegaarden turned my hands into drum sticks, gave me vocal cords of a great Irish rocker, and the courage to talk to 50 yr old women with purple hair.  Overall it was a great night and an even better hangover the next morning.

- Lunch Pail

Not sure what made me take a picture of my beer.  This table turned into my drum set shortly after this was taken.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving


Gobble, Gobble

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Poll is Closed...

Poll results are in. After a long day at work or busy stint of travel, 48% prefer a liquor drink, 34% prefer buffalo wings, 7% prefer wine, 7% shots, and 3% preferred a pack of smokes and a Bud Heavy.  I wonder what this guy voted for...

18 Inches of Quiznos

Personally, I rank Quiznos second on my fast food sandwich list behind Blimpie and ahead of Subway.  The toasted sub is good and they are a little more generous with the meats than subway, but there is a thing about pre sliced cold cuts that bothers me.  Blimpie actually slices the meat made to order, so it feels a little more legit than the other two C League sandwich shops.

It is safe to say GRPD loves fast food sandwiches.  You would think a kid who is Italian enough to have a name like Gaetano and 4 middle names would go out of his way for a nice Salami and Provolone sandwich or maybe some Gabagool, Fresh Mutz, and Roasted Peppers.  But no, he is perfectly satisfied dining at the basements of the sandwich world. 
To change up his routine of Subway, Gaetano decided to get Quiznos, while still keeping his tradition of a 12 inch main course, and 6 inch appetizer.  I think next time he should forget the the 6 inch appetizer, and combine it with his 12 inch.  Maybe something like Chicken Cutlet and Meat Balls or Turkey and Cheese with Tuna.  Something wild to make the sandwich maker question if it is two sandwiches or one.  I guess he did get a little daring, he got pepperjack instead of cheddar.  Although it is a baby step, there is still hope.  I do give him credit.  He admited this was not really post worthy, but I don't like to discriminate here, it is a change of pace from Subway, and it was what he had for lunch.

"This combo is a large 'Traditional' w/ pepperjack (instead of cheddar), roast beef, turkey, ham, black olived, lettuce, onions and ranch dressing. For an appetizer I got a small Primo meatball on whole wheat. With a large soda and a coupon this all came to $9.83 thanks to Quiz-daddy."


Don't spill the drink on the Laptop.  Respect the wood, use a coaster.

Corporate Dogs

It was Chili Dog day down at the corporate cafeteria the other day and since I am a big fan of hot dogs I figured I would give them a shot.  As I was waiting to place my order I noticed the hot dogs were sitting in water, but didn't seem to be cooked and became curious on how they were going to be cooked as there is a flat top griddle and gas grill.  Since the cafeteria is about getting your food to you quickly in order to keep the line moving, the cook split each dog in half and put them on the grill.  I am not a big fan of this technique put I went with it anyway.  Notice the grill marks in the picture below.  What the chef did that I wasn't expecting was he put the bun on the griddle to warm it up a bit.  I appreciated that move because I could tell it would be a terrible bun if not heated up.  After a minute or two, the dops were flipped for another minute and then put on the the bun and covered in chili and brown mustard.  The chili was a little dry and flavorless with no spice.  I like a nice saucy chili with a kick on my dog.

Overall it was a decent dog and satisfied my curiosity and met my low expectations for a cafeteria hot dog.  One thing I did enjoy was there was a bit of a snap to the dog when I bit into it ,which is a sing of a good casing. 

- Lunch Pail

Monday, November 23, 2009

So That's Why They Call It a Tailgate (Voted Post of the Month, November)

Serious Meat went to the Giants vs. Falcons game on Sunday.  Here is his story...

"It started at 9 am, ended at 4 pm...and I'm still feeling the aftershock. I'm talking about the tailgate I experienced Sunday with none other than Snee and RayRay. I have pictures of the food consumed, but let's be honest, I don't remeber much of it. I can tell you a few things though.

1. Thick Taylor ham is much better than thin.
2. Pigs and a blanket go great with BLT Dip (Compliments of Snee (3rd Image))
3. When it comes to beer, there is no child left behind. By child I mean beer, not acutal children, I don't need you guys calling The Ghostbusters or whoever it is, and telling them that I feed kids beer. Not now, not never.
4. Its always good to make rounds at a tailgate, especially if you are friends with a group a row or two over (See Sausage and Peppers)

Breakfast of Champions.  Serious Meat and RayRay enjoying a taylor ham, egg, and cheese.

Steak and Eggs. Money.

Friendly Sausage and Peppers. Great Sausage. Great Rolls (not pictured).

Taste McTasty

BLT Dip. Delicious.

This kid was awesome. Falcons fan, talked a lot of shit, and he could take a lot of shit as well.
PS. He was 14, like I said, the tailgate started at 9.

The one with her ass out loved me. Notice the blurred hand from the other girl, that would be her smacking the other in the tail. And that's why they call it a Tailgate.

If anyone feels they tailgate better or have some great tailgate food of their own, don't hesitate to share.  GO GIANTS!!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and don't forget to post about it. I sure as hell will, especially after all the dust has settled for one of my famous Thanksgiving Day Parfaits...Remember, everybody loves parfait."

Thank you,
Serious Meat

Pat's or Geno's, Philadelphia, PA

Mark "Holiday" MacDonnell a friend of mine from JMU, a life long resident of south jersey and current resident of Philadelphia had some time to kill before the Eagles game last night and decided to make his mark (no pun intended) on the blog by taking a trip to get some cheesesteaks.

My first trip into Philly was the weekend of the Super Bowl the Eagles played the Patriots and also marked the first time I had a real Philly Cheesesteak.  I tried both Pat's and Geno's back to back.  After trying both, I consider myself a Pats guy, for the reasons Mark talks about below, the grimyness and cheese application as well as the bread.  Often times the bread can make or break a sandwich, and Pats has great bread.  I have yet to try Tony Lukes, but I have seen his work on the Food Network and Man vs Food, and will definitely make it a priority on my next trip. 

"So I figured as a local philadelphia resident there needed to be a true write up on here about authentic philly cheesesteaks. Today I hit up the classic cheesesteak spots, who compete against each other on opposing corners of 9th and Passyunk. A right of passage for anyone who comes through philly is Pat's and Geno's. Both steaks are good, but I wouldn't want to mislead readers of Luncho'clock and say these are the two best cheesesteak places in the city. Try Tony Luke's or Cosmi's if you seriously want a top notch steak. What I got today was a Provolone with from Geno's and a Wiz with from Pat's. The with means with fried onions. Both were good steaks and definitely hit the spot on a football sunday. The true greatness of these places is the atmosphere of south philadelphia and the fact that these places are open practically 24/7. Lines will commonly stretch around the block and into the streets. These places are busiest before and after sporting events and about twenty five minutes after last call. The steaks are very similar with the main differences between the two places being cleanliness and cheese application. If you're concerned with cleanliness I would definitely recommend Geno's over pats. As for cheese application, the two spots do it differently. Pats' will put the cheese on the steak itself and geno's will put the cheese on the bread. You may think this is not a big deal but it makes a difference in the steak experience. At Pat's you're getting a dripping messy steak that you'll still be tasting the next morning. Geno's is cleaner to eat, but the bread seems to absorb some of the flavor from the cheese. I will say the steak quality at Geno's is a little better as well. My recommendation for your visit is pick whichever line is shorter. There isn't a large enough difference to wait significantly longer for one vs. the other. My other suggestion, Order a provolone with and an order of cheese fries. They put more than enough wiz on the fries to give anyone their fill of processed cheese product. No matter what decision you make you can't go wrong at 9th and Passyunk."

- Holiday

Geno's, looks more like a carnival ride than sandwich stand.

Pat's.  You can tell it is better by the line. I will take a better cheesesteak than neon lights anyday. 

Pat's on the left, Geno's on the Right. 

Friday, November 20, 2009

Danny Duberstein

I know this isn't food related, but it was one of the funniest clips of Curb Your Enthusiasm that I have ever seen and it must be shared.  Enjoy.

Room Service?

Every time I go back to my hotel room after I have been drinking I always stop and look at peoples room service table they left in the hallway, and will even lift the lids on the covered plates to see what underneath the hood.  I don't really know why I do it, it is just a habbit I guess.  I think one time I might have taken a pickle off of one of the plates.  I must not be the only one to have ever done this, or am I?

Here we have another travel post brought to us by the dynamic duo of Dennis and Snee.  I think I will put in the request that these two be a team on next year's Amazing Race.  They may not get far, but I am sure they would have some great stories, plus, anything is possible with the power of the Dragon!

"Why is room service so expensive? After a long day of work or travel, there's nothing like relaxing in your room, watching SportsCenter, and wearing your pants like an ankle bracelet. The only thing that tops that is having food delivered to your room to cap the night off. The only thing is, if you order something as simple as a club sandwich, or chicken fingers, you need to ask your boss for an advance on your salary to afford it.

There was a post last week that Dennis posted about Bobby Vans. Well I happened to be there with him as we were entertaining some guests from Japan and New Zealand. (Our Japanese friend even gave Dennis a sweet dragon hat. And by "sweet", I mean "embarrassing") Anyway, by the time the entertainment part of our night was over, we came back to the room, feeling quite fuzzy from the whole night. Well after a great meal at Bobby Vans, one of the city's best steakhouses, why not ruin our night by ordering room service, which cost just about as much as eating a Bobby Van's, mind you, and eat ourselves to sleep. Well, we ordered buffalo wings - medium, and an order of nachos which came with huge helpings of salsa, sour cream, and guacamole. Once the elderly Asian gentleman brought our meal up, to which Dennis had already nodded off into dreamland, causing our room to basically look like some sort of crime scene, I signed the bill and began to eat. That lasted for about 4 minutes and 3 bites, as the night caught up to me and I had to stick my head in the toilet like it had the next day's powerball numbers in it.  Final bill with tip: $48. Price per bite: $16 Amount of food digested: 0gms"

- Snee

This was taken after they were done eating.  There are kids in this world eating rocks.  Must be nice to waste this much food.

Fear the Dragon!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bread Bowls, You Can Have Your Bowl and Eat it Too...

BG is back from Chicago and ready to redeem himself.  BG is your typical man.  He drinks beer to stay hydrated and brushes his teeth with Jameson, so it doesn't suprise me that he loves beef stew, especially beef stew in a bread bowl.  Casey John Todd once said, "The best thing about a bread bowl is that nothing is wasted."  Casey knows a thing  about bread bowls, him and his girlfriends, they call themselves G3, meet up at Panera every Wednesday to talk about their feelings and he always gets soup in a bread bowl and a salad.  Maybe one day Casey John will share his story with us.  Until then...

"The Gexpro cafeteria had beef stew bread bowls for lunch today and they were tasty. BG and Dan Vailette (the Gexpro team today....this team changes on a daily basis) went down to the caf and saw they had beef stew in bread bowls and it looked damn tasty. Bread bowls make any bowl of soup that much better, and if it is a soup that normally goes with bread then you have hit a gold mine. OH WOW. The beef stew was pretty good, not as good as Mama Jalette can make it, but it was good and the best part was the bread. A nice sourdough loaf and complemented the stew. Lastly, a word from Dan Vailette, a self professed cookie fanatic, the cookies from the Gexpro cafeteria were GREAT Monday, but they haven't held onto their goodness or chewiness since then, and were pretty terrible today."

- BG


Eat your carrots BG


El Niño

I found this on This is Why You're Fat, a site I check a few times a week and have it listed as one of my favorite links on the side bar.  Out of pure amazement, I reached out to one of its creators, Andrew Chifari, to see if I can share this beast with the readers of my blog.  He said its not a problem and that they love the attention this has received. 

Andrew and a few college friends from Rice are big fans of This is Why You're Fat and wanted to create something that would get recognition on their site.  They came up with the idea of the El Niño which gives a whole new meaning to taco pizza.  On behalf of Andrew and his friends, I present to you the El Niño which consists of  ground beef, sauteed onions, sour cream, lettuce, tomato and cheddar cheese wrapped in a large pepperoni pizza, totaling three pounds. 

It is like a Taco Bell Taco Supreme, but much better.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Liquid Lunch

After a brief hiatus, my buddy Dennis, also known as RayRay, is back on the scene.  After a tough 3 days of traveling all over Florida for business, he decided a few drinks were needed to unwind before his flight home took off.  Pretty standard move by travelers, but Dennis wasted no time, rather than ordering one drink at a time he doubled up, to let the relaxation begin.

After reading Dennis' thoughts, check out the new Poll that has just been posted which has been inspired by this post.

"So as I am walking through the Charlotte Airport I was in the mood to quench the hunger sensation present in my stomach. I noticed they had the traditional fast food establishments in the food court and the more than usual Latte cafes that have become ever so popular.  And then I found what I needed, Charlotte's own "Original Bacardi Rum Bar and Grill".  I quickly viewed the menu and decided that after 3 days of traveling I was in a mood for a cocktail.  I chose to have 2 grey goose dirty martini's (notice the picture of my brother-in-law and business partner Chris, you may know him as Snee on the blog.  He did the wedding post) and call it a day as I waited for my flight.  There is no better way to end traveling the south for 3 days than with a couple of  stiff Dirty Martinis.  The only gripe is the olives weren't stuffed with Gorgonzola Cheese!"

- RayRay

(Notice Dennis and Snee were checking out the Drunken Noodle post while at the bar)

What Kind of Sauce With That? - Halal Cart, 55th and Madision, New York, NY

After reading Phil #14's post yesterday about his favorite halal cart, Matt Scalo got in the mood to go to his most frequented halal cart on 55th and Madison.  It seems as if Matt and the man behind the cart have a nice relationship and you cannot put a price tag on that.  It almost sounds like they run across the street towards each other in slow motion, the meet in the middle, and Matt picks him up and twirls him around as they both smile and laugh.

By the looks of the picture, I am going to have to give the nod to the man on 53rd and 6th.  It looks like they give no pita and they kind of skimp out on the meet compared to 53rd and 6th.  Personally, I feel that pita is key, it is like a second fork that is used to sop of all the bits at the end.  Matt has agreed that the next time he is in the city he will venture over across town and try the other cart.  We will then know how loyal he is.

"Since I recently moved to Minnesota with my wife I've found my food selection to be... different. Oddly enough I read in Forbes that Minnesota is the #6 healthiest state in the country behind the likes of Vermont (tree huggers can't get any healthier than fruits and berries right?)

One of the things I look forward to most on my business trips back to NYC, besides my family and Chipotle (in that order), is the Halal food aka "cart guy" around the corner from my office on Park Ave. It's strange enough walking past a Ferrari dealership to get to his oasis of lamb and yellow rice (you can substitute other rices, yellow works for me) but even more strange is that he's ALWAYS there. Like a light house in a storm, I know I can always count on a piping hot styrofoam take out tray of food. Additionally, I eat there once a month, literally because of my travel schedule, and he has my order cooking as I'm crossing the street! It's like we're old friends or something... Enough of my comments about the experience, on with the food!!

Lamb and yellow rice platter, white sauce and hot sauce, and a small side salad. In my opinion, lamb is the only way to go unless your a South African triathlete that formerly lived in LA who likes chicken (Lombardo!) or a communist.

Like dirty water dogs, the cart guy cannot be passed up if your in NYC looking for an inexpensive yet delicious meal."

- Matt Scalo

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Minnie Munchie...BINGO!

Here is a homemade masterpiece created by Greg Gregg who was influenced by the late night eatery, Munchies 4:20 that was showcased on Man vs. Food.  Not only is Greg a good guy for volunteering, but he can make a mean sandwich as well.  Hopefully Greg will continue to share works of art like this.

"My tribute to Munchies 4:20 Cafe... The Minnie Munchie. I volunteer at a local K of C council as a cook during bingo. My daughter, who was home sick today, asked if I could make her a cheese burger with grilled onions. Well, we had an extra loaf of long Italian bread so...

The Minnie Munchie: 3 cheese burgers, smothered in grilled onions and topped with six strips of bacon, inside a grilled Italian load. She loved it."
- Greg Gregg

Heaven on Wheels - 53rd and 6th Halal Cart, New York, NY

Phil #14 has been talking about this for a while and by the looks of it, it is definatley worth the wait.  I have never been to this cart because I have always been a little skeptical about meals on wheels.  My usual carts are either hot dog carts or the one outside of Grand Central where I get meat on a stick or a beef patty or sometimes both depending on the mood.  Now that I think of it, meat on a stick and beef patties from the carts I frequent are much grimier than the Halal carts.  I guess it is time to face my fear and try a Halal cart.  Let us know about your favorite street cart/meal and we will see if it compares...

"Last year, my wish was commanded as I was assigned to work on a particular luxury retail client in Manhattan. There were rumors that the Company boasted an abundance of young hotties and cougars, leading me to believe that I was destined to fall in love. Well, I did, and it all happened on the SE corner of 53rd St. and 6th Avenue.

For many of my days working last fall, I was flying solo and usually spent the better part of the morning planning on what I would pick up for lunch. I frequented this site,, to give some insight to my decisions and actually found a good Cuban sandwich place and a few other gems in the area. However, the biggest mystery to me in NYC was where to find the best halal cart. It seems like they are on every corner of the city, but many taste less like chicken or lamb, and more like sweaty sidewalk. Through research and word-of-mouth, I came to realize that the mecca of all carts was actually in my own backyard, on the same corner where I was working! With that said, I immediately went down for lunch and got the “chicken and lamb combo”, the cart’s classic item. This consists of a bed of greasy rice, chopped up chicken and lamb schwerma, some lettuce, AND some pita (which is a rarity add-in for these carts). There is then the option of white and hot sauce. Now I don’t know what these people do to the meat or what is actually in the white and hot sauce, but it can be chopped subway rat with Lunch Pail’s splooge and I would still go here twice a week - that’s how good it is. What makes the whole meal is the white and, especially, the hot sauce. This hot sauce is both the spiciest and best tasting I have ever had, and I don’t even know how that is possible. For some perspective, it makes Franks Red Hot taste like a glass of milk.

The cart is open all day and night, and the lines between 2 and 5 am are absurd even though it is nowhere near any bars. It is rumored that the guy that owns the plot to this goldmine makes over $200K a year and has a mansion back in his home country.

For some advice, next time you are in the city, intoxicated, and about to head in to get that slice of pizza, hop in a cab and make the move to the cart for a combo, you won’t be disappointed. For now, I am going to enjoy this tin foil container filled with pieces of heaven. "

Note: Please beware of imposters. You will know you are at the right place when you see the yellow bag that reads “we are different”.

- Phil #14

(People are lined up down the block to wait for their food.  Must be a good sign.)

Poll is Closed...

The first poll has closed with 37% of the readers preferring the Meat, Chicken, Fish option at a wedding over the Buffet Dinner (27%), Liquid Dinner (20%), and Finger Foods (14%).  Thank you to all of those who participated.

Stay tuned for the next poll which will be posted on December 1st, Meal of the Month (November). Provide me with any nominations that you would like to see for November's Meal of the Month.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Drunken Noodles - Kits Thai, Stamford, CT

I have never had Thai food until I moved to Stamford and the first time I had it was at Kits Thai Kitchen.  This place is awesome.  It is small restaurant that produces great food and offers take out and delivery.  I have tried their curry dishes, soft shell crab, pad thai, stir fry's, their chicken and fish dishes and quite a few of the appetizers, but the best thing on the menu has to be the Drunken Noodles.  My girlfriend is a fan of the red curry, but whenever I get the Drunken Noodles she always tends to be reaching on to my plate.  They are fat wide rice noodles with onions, peppers, thai basil, eggs, and carrots, stir fried with this spicy chili and garlic paste.  I usually rotate between chicken, beef, or shrimp.  They don't get you drunk, but they always seem to cure my hang over and are even  great to eat cold the following morning, if they survive the night. 

The other night I went with the beef Drunken Noodles and the chicken and shrimp dumplings and I was not disappointed.  The dumplings are dim sum style and is a mix of chicken, shrimp, and mushrooms.  I at the rest the next day for lunch.  If you haven't eaten here yet, I highly recommend it.  I have yet to be upset with a meal that I have ordered.

- Lunch Pail

Deep Dish Failure

Who spends a week in Chicago with an opportunity to eat awesome meals, and some how does not get deep dish pizza?  DAVID JALETTE or as we know him on the blog BG.  I cannot be upset at the rest of his team since BG has most seniority and the final decision.  I am not mad at him, but disappointed.  He promised deep dish pizza all week and failed.  Here is the text message I received this morning..."Never happened...ordered it after the bars at like 4 am and slept right through the delivery man coming to the hotel.  We were all trashed, sorry to let you and the blog down." 
The real shot to the pills with this is that he was going to get delivery at 4 am, probably from some shit house place that tastes like card board.

I am hoping BG can bounce back from this trip, but only time will tell.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cappricio Cafe - Stamford, CT

Here is a review provided by Will the Thrill.  I have been to Cappricio a few times and agree the the brocoli rabe is terrible, along with the pizza.  The only thing worth eating there are the sandwiches/paninis. 

"While well visited in the summer for its outdoor seating, Capriccio Café is also a great lunch spot in the winter. The menu is pretty limited but they have a good section of panni’s and other sandwiches as well as pizza and very good salads. This time I had the Tonno, Italian tuna, artichoke hearts, and black olive pesto (they used kalamata not Spanish olives). I found this to be a decent sandwich but the addition of artichoke hearts was underwhelming. One huge disappointment I have had in the past here is the quality of the broccoli rabe. As one of my favorite founds, I am a discerning eater, but I think anyone can tell you it is sub par. This café has a great atmosphere and a pretty good menu, if you know what to order. "


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Disney Cakes - Mickey Mouse Suprise

Some one with a sense of humor has decided to send their submissions in as Calista Flockhart.  I guess the humor is that Ally McBeal would not dare it the meals discussed on this blog or even this breakfast that she has submitted.  It is nice to have an additional feminine touch to the blog since BG seems to be toughening up his submissions.  Still waiting on that deep dish pizza BG. 
Pancakes and sausage is a great combination, and the hot sauce is an interesting twist.  I don't really see the resemblence to Mickey Mouse, when at the dish I see more Rocco's Modern Life...

"Hope you all don't mind if I contribute. I just thought this was tooooo cute not to share!

My dad usually makes breakfast for the fam on Saturdays but Lunch Pail has inspired me to give it a whirl. So I gave my dad a break this week. I wanted to make nice breakfast egg sandwiches but we were out of bread. I did have milk, eggs, flower, butter, baking powder, flower, vanilla extract and turkey sausage patties. I know it's nothing crazy like Hairy Gorilla's ihaunted the Cheesecake Factory adventure, but I think this fresh and interesting.
I put together all the ingredients above, not really expecting anything special to come out of it. Just your standard pancakes and sausage breakfast. I couldn't help taking a bite of one of the sausage patties, just test it out (I was actually getting kinda hungry :P). So I put it all together and out came a Mickey Mouse Surprise! See below.

For compliments and condiments I recommend OJ of course, 'lite' reduced calorie maple syrup and Frank's RedHot 'EXTRA HOT' sauce. I love Frank's original, but it doesn't have a whole lot of heat. EXTRA HOT has all the taste in Frank's Original with an extra kick of heat."

Forever Hungry,
Calista Flockhart

Not so Standard Sweet 16

Another one coming in from Baxter, MN.  My brother Matt attended a Sweet 16 a few weeks back and saw the the set up was definately post worthy.  I used to love going to Sweet 16's myself because of the food and 9 times out of 10 buffet style.  I made sure to get my money's worth, especially since I usually felt I was invited for purposes of a gift anyway.  Its not like any of these broads ever lit a candle for me.  And even if they did, I probably didn't notice because I was most likely elbow deep in vodka sauce or eyeing up the 6 ft. hero to make sure there was some left.

"The setting, a sweet 16 of sorts for a girl my mother-in-law mentors. The food, buffet style appetizers... all you can eat!

Starting at the fork and working counter clockwise:

  • Muffin sized quiches - home made Pillsbury Grand biscuit base, eggs, apple wood smoked bacon. # crushed - 4.
  • Hot 'n Crusty bread stick - bake at home bread sticks you can pick up at your local supermarket. These were also brushed with butter but were the weak link on the plate, I think they cooled too much before they were served. A great substitute would have been mini croissants. # crushed - 1.
  • Sesame Chicken - home made sesame chicken. My mother-in-law claimed the chicken was boring so Bri whipped up an interesting "citrus, brown sugar, and soy" sauce of sorts. Good job honey! # crushed - 0.5 lbs
  • Pork Sausage & Beef meatballs - probably my favorite part of the meal! These little gems reminded me of Thanksgiving stuffing (courtesy of the pork sausage) and my mother's meatballs wrapped up as one. I can't think of words which do these little meatballs justice... they were that good! # crushed - lost count.
  • Cocktail Franks & BBQ sauce - (center of the plate) slow cookers seem to be a staple in the great state of Minnesota. What goes best with a slow cooker? Not a nice roast or ribs or even a chicken, why cocktail franks and bbq sauce! WTF!?!? I have to say, the initial sight of these Bad Larry's had me confused/ scared/ interested all at the same time. My usual encounter with these mini hot dogs is the more traditional "pigs in a blanket" style but these bbq'd little hot dogs worked out ok...
  • Lastly, you must be wondering what the green shit in the cup is. No, it's not the secret of the ooze or the slime from Double Dare (circa late 1980's). It's some weird lime sherbert, gingerale, pineapple juice punch. Remember I'm at a party with a bunch of 16 year old girls... I can't comment on much more than it's color though as I didn't try much."
- Matt Scalo

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sauce does Sushi...

I have been waiting for a week to receive a contribution from Tom "Sauce" Homestead.  Sauce and I met in 2001 during our freshman year at JMU and have had numerous buffet trips, wing challenges, Domino's 5-5-5, and even a "Shaq-off" during our 5 years in Harrisonburg, VA.  Sauce even took part in a Gluten Bowl fund raiser hosted by our Class President at the time, Brian "Godzilla" Hannifan.  I think Sauce's leg of the relay was the 3 ft pepperoni which he took down with ease.
The championship belt,which was awarded after all buffet trips and wing challenges) exchanged hands a few times between Sauce and I, but it seems like Sauce is wearing it again after his lunch at Sushi Park, an all you can eat sushi joint, in Commack, NY.  I am hoping Sauce will continue to contribute to the blog as I am always amazed by his talents and proper instincts. 
For good measure, I have also attached a picture of Sauce and Serious Meat going toe-to-toe all day eat-a-thon during our graduation party in 2005.

"It is only fitting that my first post to Big Country's blog would be a buffet - I always believe in quantity over quality. My lunch spot today was Sushi Park in Commack Long Island. I've been to many buffets in my time, but I would have to say that this is my new favorite. For $20 you can mow down as much sushi as physically possible. I know what you're thinking and trust me the fish is legit - I have never gotten sick or heard of anyone getting sick from poor quality it definitely is not top quality sushi, but its not bad. As you can see from the picture, plate 1 I went all sushi, however they do offer a fine assortment of cooked Chinese dishes if that's what you're looking for (I usually alternate plates sushi/Chinese). One aspect about this place that I really enjoy is that they have a policy that if you don't clean your plate they will charge you extra money - this issue has yet to come up. They can just expect a bill from my Dr. when I find out I have mercury poisoning."

- Sauce

(Sauce inhaling some chicken parm as Serious Meat critiques his technique.)

Miller's Ale House - Chicago

It is about time, BG and his team in Chicago finally went out and had a real dinner.  They put down their forks and knives (except for Brigham), loosened their bra straps, and got their hands dirty.  They decided to go to Miller's to watch the Bears - Niners game.  Overall it looks like a great meal, and you guys should be proud you submitted something legit, but I can't let you completely off the hook.  Why Chicken Nachos? and Where are the wings?  Bar, Beer, Burgers, Football...and no wings?  I blame your lack of beef and wings the reason for Cutler's terrible performance last night which resulted in 2.48 fantasy pts.  Thanks.

"Yoooooo time for the Gexpro team to redeem themselves in the light of the lunchoclock blog universe. Hit up Miller's Ale House for da bears and we ate enough to make da bears superfans envious. Started off with buckets of beer then the hugest chicken nachos I've ever seen. Probably 200 calories in each bite. Then came the man burgers....chili, bacon, cheese burgers and fries. Holy shit, as Harry "shoot for the gut" would say "sooooooooooo deliciousssssss"

Johnny boy and BG both tossed aside the lettuce and tomato for a true man burger, but Brigham here kept the lettuce and the pickle....barely finishes the burger, scrapes off the chili, and eats the last two bites with a fork and knife. Hopefully he redeems himself tomorrow night with Chicago deep dish pizza but probably not. Gonna have to get him a cosmo and some bagel bites."

- BG


My buddy Dennis is the king of steak houses.  I would say at least once a month he feasts at a steakhouse in greater NYC area.  I have had the pleasure of eating at Morton's and Peter Luger's with him, and let me tell you, this kid knows his way around a steak house.  He doesn't need a menu, he knows what to order for the table from experience alone.  His go-to steak is the porter house (top picture), and will order that for the number of guests with him.  The other night at Bobby Vans though he had realized he had been doing it all wrong.  Why only have the satisfaction of two cuts of meat (Porter house is part Strip Steak, part Filet), when you can get 3 cuts!  He ordered a small porterhouse for the table as a snack for everyone, and went with the bone in rib eye (bottom picture), medium rare, as his personal steak, with sides of hash browns, mashed potatotes, creamed spinach, and asparagus for the table. 
For an appetizer he went with the Lobster Cocktail, which he said was, "Phenominal" and washed everything down with some red wine.
In my opinion, the bone in rib eye is the best cut of steak.  Great flavor from being on the bone, and wonderful marbling and fat content which adds even more flavor.  Keep your filets, keep your strip steaks, keep your delmonicos, and keep your porterhouse.  I'll take the bone in rib eye any day.
Hopefully Dennis will be able to share all of his Steak House stories with us as he continues his tour in the future.  Currently his ranking of best steaks are as follows:
1.  Bobby Van's
2.  Peter Lugers (Long Island)
3.  Del Friscos
4.  Ben and Jacks
5. Bryant n' Cooper
I encourage all readers to share their steak stories and favorite steak houses as well.  Hopefully it can spark some nice depate.

- Lunch Pail

Note:  These are not the actual pictures from Dennis' dinner last night.  He was there for work and did not feel it was appropriate to take pictures of his meal.  However these are Bobby Van's Steaks.  I prefer actual pictures, but I made an exception in this case.

Dumplings - ChopStick King's Revenge....

As promised in my first Chop Stick King post, here is my reveiw of the Best Dumplings in Stamford as well as the best dumplings I have ever had.  I had previously written off Chopsticks due to their drop off in the quality of food they put out, but I did leave hope for the dumplings.  With the little hope I left them, they prevailed.  This batch of dumplings was exactly what I was looking for.  Chopstick King states on the menu that these are homemade dumplings, and I believe them.  They are a good size, no two dumplings ever look exactly the same, and it the only dumpling I had with sauce in the center. 
I picked up this order of steamers during my break in studying for the CPA exam and ate them while watching last nights episode of Man vs Food.  An order is 6 steamed dumplings for $4.50 (including tax).  I cut open the first dumpling for picture purposes and noticed the center of the dumpling was saucey and not dry.  After tasting the already cut dumpling I knew they were going to be good, but there was still one more test to pass.  The squirt test.  In past times when I would eat these steamers, the sauce in the center would squirt out onto the plate, or my shirt, and start to cover the remaining dumplings, but there would still be enough in the pocket to taste on the second bite.  Note: Dumplings should only take 2 bites to eat.
I grabbed my the second dumpling with my hand, did not use a for because I did not want to punncture the sauce pocket, and took a bite...JACKPOT!  Sauce shot on the remaining dumplings on the plate and I didn't need the soy dipping sauce they provide.  They passed the test, Chop Stick King remains the Dumpling King and I will continue to go there for DUMPLINGS ONLY.
Ironic as it is, my fortune read...."Don't ever slam a door you might want to go back". 

-Lunch Pail

Thursday, November 12, 2009


If you could mix any two meats to create a new meat, what would you mix?
All meats qualify, from beef to fish and everything in between.

Answer question in comments section.

-Serious Meat

Where's the Beef? - PotBelly Deli, Chicago

When I think of Chicago I think of: Mike Ditka, the Bulls, Da Bears, MJ, Geno's Deep Dish Pizza, Rookie of Year, italian beef sandwhiches, Walter Payton, Chicago (the band) and Sammy Sosa (pre skin treatment).
What does BG and his team think about?  Cheesecake Factory, lettuce sandwiches, chick flicks, Chicago (the musical) Jason Mraz, and John Mayer. 
Nice to see you guys are having such a great trip.
I am not suprised how weak the sandwich looks or that Rob "Brigham" Young likes this place.  He has an instinct for terrible lunch spots.  At least next time get a picture of the chicks behind the counter....

"Another post from the Gexpro team minus pepin out in Chicago. If u ever get a chance to go to a potbelly deli ou should. Good food, and all subs are toasted. Brigham young says it's simple and John likes the cute girls behind the counter. Went with a roast beef sandwich with hot peppers giving it a little kick. Best part of lunch was the entertainment though an 18 yr old kid singing Jason Mraz and John Mayer. He was singing your body is a wonderland when this pic was taken, which brigham says is a cover of a song Jared Sunter wrote for a certain Linda Pepin."

- BG

Hank's Birthday Cont'd

Late addtion by GRPD to Hanks's Birthday....

"Great post Hank, much better than Peyton Manning's first go around. Good thing he set the standards really low.
It seems Hank forgot the best part of the meal...the team appetizer. Below please find Buffalo Chicken Tenders w/ bleu cheese. Notice the empty spot on the plate. Larr-Dogg (aka Larrio) snatched up a tender piece of deliciousness just before I could capture the photo.

Note to Contributors...


Lets put the standard $5 footlong and 6 inch Subway classics on hold for the time being, unless it is a legit or over the top masterpiece that you created at Subway. 

This is not a knock against anyone.

Keep up the great posts and feel free to contribute about anything food.  Stories of meals, homemade creations and classics, opinions on your favorite and not so great deli's, diners, pizzerias, bagel shops, restaurants, bars, and street carts!

The possibilities are endless.  Lets keep it fresh and entertaining.


Good thing the iPhone can tie your shoes for you, but the camera doesn't have a flash.  BG and his team enjoyed a nice dinner at Cheese Cake Factory last night in Chicago.  I mean there is nothing wrong with 3 dudes going to dinner at Cheese Cake Factory, right?  Chicago isn't known for deep dish pizza, hot dogs, italian beef sandwiches or antyhing like that, but for the Cheese Cake Factory.

"So the Gexpro audit team is in Chicago this week minus Pepin and its BG, rob aka Brigham young, and a newcomer to the blog John Stofka who has yet to earn a nickname
Dinner started out with Brigham ordering a diablo patron drink even though he is a Mormon.....very fruity if u ask me
Dinner was chipotle chicken pasta for the BG, jambalaya pasta for Mr. Young and chicken and shrimp gumbo for our first year. Needless to say everything was awesome and the portions were huge. Gotta love wonder we have an obesity problem but its sooooo delicious. Saw the biggest piece of cheesecake ever on the way but none of us could even think of getting some. All in all a great dinner."
- BG