Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tati's Cafe - Enter if you dare...

Peyton Manning has made his first post.  I have been hearing alot of things from him about he was holding out for a good post and that we won't disappointed.  I will let you guys decide how good it is.  Peyton is pretty grimy himself, so the rats and eery hallways shouldn't be a problem to him at all.  After all, his apartment is known as "Scum City".  Take a read, and let him know how you feel in the comments section...

"I’ve thought long and hard about this first post and while I’ve thought about my first post being about some of my personal favorites in the “203” I’ve disregarded conventional wisdom (as I typically do) to give you Tati’s café. 1 Federal Street, Yonkers NY, past the stoops, down the hill and enter Domino Foods, birthplace of sugar. The fact is in order to just get to this place is an accomplishment; the parking lot is located roughly 15 minutes from the corporate offices in which Tati’s is housed. Through this 15 minute journey through the plant you must survive bee attacks, giant rat traps and the wind tunnel formed by the u shaped factory, every day I go to work I feel like I just read a chapter from the never ending story. You have finally arrived, the air is stanched in molasses, cockroach sightings are not unlikely but at this point in the day I would do anything not to put pencil to paper. The menu is preset daily with small sandwich options available (turkey, ham). The hard part is getting over the fact that the food is not prepared on site, it is prepared at home, then transported (I’ve always imagined through some sort of van with no windows). The service is great, two Spanish women with about the equivalent mastery of the English language as Deluca (GRPD), are very catering and friendly. And the food, all things aside, is good. Spanish infused delicacies 5 days a week, breakfast and lunch. Below is a bird’s eye view of today’s lunch. Marinated chicken, cooked perfectly, over a bed of rice. Simple yet satisfying…. The moral of the story is as follows “never judge a book by it’s cover, just by the way it tastes.”"

“LBK for Life”

- Peyton Manning


  1. Strangest thing but it started snowing here when i opened this posting. It must have been the over-excersion of brain power displayed by Estrich (Peyton Manning) in order to come up with such an interesting (yet confusing) contribution.

    Estrich – stay tuned as one of our fist years is preparing a post that even you can learn from.


  2. Deluca,
    This is a food blog, not free advertising for subway. Please refrain from having yourself, or any of your team members post regarding the aforementioned sandwich dealership.


  3. oh my bad... it's a food blog? sorry, i thought i was watching Prison Break re-runs after looking at your post.