Saturday, November 14, 2009

Disney Cakes - Mickey Mouse Suprise

Some one with a sense of humor has decided to send their submissions in as Calista Flockhart.  I guess the humor is that Ally McBeal would not dare it the meals discussed on this blog or even this breakfast that she has submitted.  It is nice to have an additional feminine touch to the blog since BG seems to be toughening up his submissions.  Still waiting on that deep dish pizza BG. 
Pancakes and sausage is a great combination, and the hot sauce is an interesting twist.  I don't really see the resemblence to Mickey Mouse, when at the dish I see more Rocco's Modern Life...

"Hope you all don't mind if I contribute. I just thought this was tooooo cute not to share!

My dad usually makes breakfast for the fam on Saturdays but Lunch Pail has inspired me to give it a whirl. So I gave my dad a break this week. I wanted to make nice breakfast egg sandwiches but we were out of bread. I did have milk, eggs, flower, butter, baking powder, flower, vanilla extract and turkey sausage patties. I know it's nothing crazy like Hairy Gorilla's ihaunted the Cheesecake Factory adventure, but I think this fresh and interesting.
I put together all the ingredients above, not really expecting anything special to come out of it. Just your standard pancakes and sausage breakfast. I couldn't help taking a bite of one of the sausage patties, just test it out (I was actually getting kinda hungry :P). So I put it all together and out came a Mickey Mouse Surprise! See below.

For compliments and condiments I recommend OJ of course, 'lite' reduced calorie maple syrup and Frank's RedHot 'EXTRA HOT' sauce. I love Frank's original, but it doesn't have a whole lot of heat. EXTRA HOT has all the taste in Frank's Original with an extra kick of heat."

Forever Hungry,
Calista Flockhart

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