Friday, November 13, 2009


My buddy Dennis is the king of steak houses.  I would say at least once a month he feasts at a steakhouse in greater NYC area.  I have had the pleasure of eating at Morton's and Peter Luger's with him, and let me tell you, this kid knows his way around a steak house.  He doesn't need a menu, he knows what to order for the table from experience alone.  His go-to steak is the porter house (top picture), and will order that for the number of guests with him.  The other night at Bobby Vans though he had realized he had been doing it all wrong.  Why only have the satisfaction of two cuts of meat (Porter house is part Strip Steak, part Filet), when you can get 3 cuts!  He ordered a small porterhouse for the table as a snack for everyone, and went with the bone in rib eye (bottom picture), medium rare, as his personal steak, with sides of hash browns, mashed potatotes, creamed spinach, and asparagus for the table. 
For an appetizer he went with the Lobster Cocktail, which he said was, "Phenominal" and washed everything down with some red wine.
In my opinion, the bone in rib eye is the best cut of steak.  Great flavor from being on the bone, and wonderful marbling and fat content which adds even more flavor.  Keep your filets, keep your strip steaks, keep your delmonicos, and keep your porterhouse.  I'll take the bone in rib eye any day.
Hopefully Dennis will be able to share all of his Steak House stories with us as he continues his tour in the future.  Currently his ranking of best steaks are as follows:
1.  Bobby Van's
2.  Peter Lugers (Long Island)
3.  Del Friscos
4.  Ben and Jacks
5. Bryant n' Cooper
I encourage all readers to share their steak stories and favorite steak houses as well.  Hopefully it can spark some nice depate.

- Lunch Pail

Note:  These are not the actual pictures from Dennis' dinner last night.  He was there for work and did not feel it was appropriate to take pictures of his meal.  However these are Bobby Van's Steaks.  I prefer actual pictures, but I made an exception in this case.


  1. 1. Bones in Atlanta
    2. Peter Luger (NYC)
    3. Morton's Stamford

  2. This is kinda out there, but Jack Fry's in Louisville, KY was the best steak I ever had. Never been to Bobby Vans though, ill have to check it out

  3. I have been to Bones in Atlanta which was very good, I have been to 3 Forks in Dallas which was awesome, Frankie and Johnies in Rye, NY which was great, Peter Lugers in Brooklyn, good steak but felt rushed, and Mortons in Stamford and White Plains. Mortons has awesome napkins/towels in their bathroom.