Monday, November 23, 2009

So That's Why They Call It a Tailgate (Voted Post of the Month, November)

Serious Meat went to the Giants vs. Falcons game on Sunday.  Here is his story...

"It started at 9 am, ended at 4 pm...and I'm still feeling the aftershock. I'm talking about the tailgate I experienced Sunday with none other than Snee and RayRay. I have pictures of the food consumed, but let's be honest, I don't remeber much of it. I can tell you a few things though.

1. Thick Taylor ham is much better than thin.
2. Pigs and a blanket go great with BLT Dip (Compliments of Snee (3rd Image))
3. When it comes to beer, there is no child left behind. By child I mean beer, not acutal children, I don't need you guys calling The Ghostbusters or whoever it is, and telling them that I feed kids beer. Not now, not never.
4. Its always good to make rounds at a tailgate, especially if you are friends with a group a row or two over (See Sausage and Peppers)

Breakfast of Champions.  Serious Meat and RayRay enjoying a taylor ham, egg, and cheese.

Steak and Eggs. Money.

Friendly Sausage and Peppers. Great Sausage. Great Rolls (not pictured).

Taste McTasty

BLT Dip. Delicious.

This kid was awesome. Falcons fan, talked a lot of shit, and he could take a lot of shit as well.
PS. He was 14, like I said, the tailgate started at 9.

The one with her ass out loved me. Notice the blurred hand from the other girl, that would be her smacking the other in the tail. And that's why they call it a Tailgate.

If anyone feels they tailgate better or have some great tailgate food of their own, don't hesitate to share.  GO GIANTS!!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and don't forget to post about it. I sure as hell will, especially after all the dust has settled for one of my famous Thanksgiving Day Parfaits...Remember, everybody loves parfait."

Thank you,
Serious Meat

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