Thursday, November 12, 2009


Good thing the iPhone can tie your shoes for you, but the camera doesn't have a flash.  BG and his team enjoyed a nice dinner at Cheese Cake Factory last night in Chicago.  I mean there is nothing wrong with 3 dudes going to dinner at Cheese Cake Factory, right?  Chicago isn't known for deep dish pizza, hot dogs, italian beef sandwiches or antyhing like that, but for the Cheese Cake Factory.

"So the Gexpro audit team is in Chicago this week minus Pepin and its BG, rob aka Brigham young, and a newcomer to the blog John Stofka who has yet to earn a nickname
Dinner started out with Brigham ordering a diablo patron drink even though he is a Mormon.....very fruity if u ask me
Dinner was chipotle chicken pasta for the BG, jambalaya pasta for Mr. Young and chicken and shrimp gumbo for our first year. Needless to say everything was awesome and the portions were huge. Gotta love wonder we have an obesity problem but its sooooo delicious. Saw the biggest piece of cheesecake ever on the way but none of us could even think of getting some. All in all a great dinner."
- BG


  1. Calista FlockhardNovember 13, 2009

    That eyefone takes the worst pictures i've ever seen, blury and with no flash. I'm new to this blog and not one of your "click", so i'm not sure what BG means, but you could've given your "first year" a name right? Oh and BTW....who gets pasta dishes at Cheesecake Factory? Go to an italian restaurant you rookie. If you want to be bold, try the Cuban Sandwich or Avocado Eggrolls. There could even be a post JUST to describe the amazing tastes present in the Fried Mac and Cheese balls. This post was terrible, and makes me not want to eat at Cheesecake ever again. BG, if you decide to make any more posts, please get a new phone and get something interesting to eat.

    Forever Hungry,

    Calista Flockhart

  2. Harry in the blindNovember 13, 2009

    Easy Calista...BG stands for BAD GORILLA, who, if you read all of the blog posts is the co-creator of Texas Pizza with me, Harry in the Blind.

    Watch your comments or we're gonna have Indiana keep you in your cage with no food or water for another 2 years.