Friday, November 20, 2009

Room Service?

Every time I go back to my hotel room after I have been drinking I always stop and look at peoples room service table they left in the hallway, and will even lift the lids on the covered plates to see what underneath the hood.  I don't really know why I do it, it is just a habbit I guess.  I think one time I might have taken a pickle off of one of the plates.  I must not be the only one to have ever done this, or am I?

Here we have another travel post brought to us by the dynamic duo of Dennis and Snee.  I think I will put in the request that these two be a team on next year's Amazing Race.  They may not get far, but I am sure they would have some great stories, plus, anything is possible with the power of the Dragon!

"Why is room service so expensive? After a long day of work or travel, there's nothing like relaxing in your room, watching SportsCenter, and wearing your pants like an ankle bracelet. The only thing that tops that is having food delivered to your room to cap the night off. The only thing is, if you order something as simple as a club sandwich, or chicken fingers, you need to ask your boss for an advance on your salary to afford it.

There was a post last week that Dennis posted about Bobby Vans. Well I happened to be there with him as we were entertaining some guests from Japan and New Zealand. (Our Japanese friend even gave Dennis a sweet dragon hat. And by "sweet", I mean "embarrassing") Anyway, by the time the entertainment part of our night was over, we came back to the room, feeling quite fuzzy from the whole night. Well after a great meal at Bobby Vans, one of the city's best steakhouses, why not ruin our night by ordering room service, which cost just about as much as eating a Bobby Van's, mind you, and eat ourselves to sleep. Well, we ordered buffalo wings - medium, and an order of nachos which came with huge helpings of salsa, sour cream, and guacamole. Once the elderly Asian gentleman brought our meal up, to which Dennis had already nodded off into dreamland, causing our room to basically look like some sort of crime scene, I signed the bill and began to eat. That lasted for about 4 minutes and 3 bites, as the night caught up to me and I had to stick my head in the toilet like it had the next day's powerball numbers in it.  Final bill with tip: $48. Price per bite: $16 Amount of food digested: 0gms"

- Snee

This was taken after they were done eating.  There are kids in this world eating rocks.  Must be nice to waste this much food.

Fear the Dragon!

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