Friday, November 13, 2009

Dumplings - ChopStick King's Revenge....

As promised in my first Chop Stick King post, here is my reveiw of the Best Dumplings in Stamford as well as the best dumplings I have ever had.  I had previously written off Chopsticks due to their drop off in the quality of food they put out, but I did leave hope for the dumplings.  With the little hope I left them, they prevailed.  This batch of dumplings was exactly what I was looking for.  Chopstick King states on the menu that these are homemade dumplings, and I believe them.  They are a good size, no two dumplings ever look exactly the same, and it the only dumpling I had with sauce in the center. 
I picked up this order of steamers during my break in studying for the CPA exam and ate them while watching last nights episode of Man vs Food.  An order is 6 steamed dumplings for $4.50 (including tax).  I cut open the first dumpling for picture purposes and noticed the center of the dumpling was saucey and not dry.  After tasting the already cut dumpling I knew they were going to be good, but there was still one more test to pass.  The squirt test.  In past times when I would eat these steamers, the sauce in the center would squirt out onto the plate, or my shirt, and start to cover the remaining dumplings, but there would still be enough in the pocket to taste on the second bite.  Note: Dumplings should only take 2 bites to eat.
I grabbed my the second dumpling with my hand, did not use a for because I did not want to punncture the sauce pocket, and took a bite...JACKPOT!  Sauce shot on the remaining dumplings on the plate and I didn't need the soy dipping sauce they provide.  They passed the test, Chop Stick King remains the Dumpling King and I will continue to go there for DUMPLINGS ONLY.
Ironic as it is, my fortune read...."Don't ever slam a door you might want to go back". 

-Lunch Pail

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  1. great description, great dumplings, glad to see they still have the touch.