Saturday, November 14, 2009

Not so Standard Sweet 16

Another one coming in from Baxter, MN.  My brother Matt attended a Sweet 16 a few weeks back and saw the the set up was definately post worthy.  I used to love going to Sweet 16's myself because of the food and 9 times out of 10 buffet style.  I made sure to get my money's worth, especially since I usually felt I was invited for purposes of a gift anyway.  Its not like any of these broads ever lit a candle for me.  And even if they did, I probably didn't notice because I was most likely elbow deep in vodka sauce or eyeing up the 6 ft. hero to make sure there was some left.

"The setting, a sweet 16 of sorts for a girl my mother-in-law mentors. The food, buffet style appetizers... all you can eat!

Starting at the fork and working counter clockwise:

  • Muffin sized quiches - home made Pillsbury Grand biscuit base, eggs, apple wood smoked bacon. # crushed - 4.
  • Hot 'n Crusty bread stick - bake at home bread sticks you can pick up at your local supermarket. These were also brushed with butter but were the weak link on the plate, I think they cooled too much before they were served. A great substitute would have been mini croissants. # crushed - 1.
  • Sesame Chicken - home made sesame chicken. My mother-in-law claimed the chicken was boring so Bri whipped up an interesting "citrus, brown sugar, and soy" sauce of sorts. Good job honey! # crushed - 0.5 lbs
  • Pork Sausage & Beef meatballs - probably my favorite part of the meal! These little gems reminded me of Thanksgiving stuffing (courtesy of the pork sausage) and my mother's meatballs wrapped up as one. I can't think of words which do these little meatballs justice... they were that good! # crushed - lost count.
  • Cocktail Franks & BBQ sauce - (center of the plate) slow cookers seem to be a staple in the great state of Minnesota. What goes best with a slow cooker? Not a nice roast or ribs or even a chicken, why cocktail franks and bbq sauce! WTF!?!? I have to say, the initial sight of these Bad Larry's had me confused/ scared/ interested all at the same time. My usual encounter with these mini hot dogs is the more traditional "pigs in a blanket" style but these bbq'd little hot dogs worked out ok...
  • Lastly, you must be wondering what the green shit in the cup is. No, it's not the secret of the ooze or the slime from Double Dare (circa late 1980's). It's some weird lime sherbert, gingerale, pineapple juice punch. Remember I'm at a party with a bunch of 16 year old girls... I can't comment on much more than it's color though as I didn't try much."
- Matt Scalo

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