Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where's the Beef? - PotBelly Deli, Chicago

When I think of Chicago I think of: Mike Ditka, the Bulls, Da Bears, MJ, Geno's Deep Dish Pizza, Rookie of Year, italian beef sandwhiches, Walter Payton, Chicago (the band) and Sammy Sosa (pre skin treatment).
What does BG and his team think about?  Cheesecake Factory, lettuce sandwiches, chick flicks, Chicago (the musical) Jason Mraz, and John Mayer. 
Nice to see you guys are having such a great trip.
I am not suprised how weak the sandwich looks or that Rob "Brigham" Young likes this place.  He has an instinct for terrible lunch spots.  At least next time get a picture of the chicks behind the counter....

"Another post from the Gexpro team minus pepin out in Chicago. If u ever get a chance to go to a potbelly deli ou should. Good food, and all subs are toasted. Brigham young says it's simple and John likes the cute girls behind the counter. Went with a roast beef sandwich with hot peppers giving it a little kick. Best part of lunch was the entertainment though an 18 yr old kid singing Jason Mraz and John Mayer. He was singing your body is a wonderland when this pic was taken, which brigham says is a cover of a song Jared Sunter wrote for a certain Linda Pepin."

- BG


  1. Linda's body certainly is a wonderland. Glad to see you guys keeping it real hetero out there, who doesnt enjoy some jason mraz and john mayer at lunch? I caught half of "The Lakehouse" during my lunchbreak today.

  2. Weak. Very Weak. This kinda stuff should be reserved for the outtakes.

  3. Is that a lettuce sandwich on 2 week old bread?