Monday, November 9, 2009

Surprised at Starbucks

#14 in your programs, but #1 in your hearts, this entry was submitted by Sire Phil Espinosa. Phil and I have eaten a few meals together over the past few years, and up to this point I didn't think Phil knew what healthy meant. I guess corporate league softball and numerous games of corn hole doesn't keep the Division I baseball physique in top shape. I don't mind eating healthy a few times a week, it keeps me regular and it makes me not feel so bad about eating chicken wings all the time. Phil's premiere post is a good one, but personally, I cannot wait for commentary about Colony Grill and Garden Catering that will be coming in the future.

"So I am running late for work a couple weeks ago, but being a consistent reader of this blog, it is goes without saying that I can’t skip a meal, so since it is Monday and I need something to get me half-focused for the morning I decide to stop at starbucks to get some coffee and a little something to eat. If I resort to a Starbucks breakfast I usually go with their coffee cake (which is pretty good) or the egg sandwich on an english muffin, which is ok but tastes slightly like cardboard. However, since this was Monday morning and the weekend was full of colony pizza, garden catering (both future posts on this site), and late night treats, I felt the need to resort to something on the healthy side. Looking at the other choices, an interesting item caught my eye; this was the egg white, spinach, and feta sandwich on a multigrain wrap. I gave it a chance, and it did not disappoint. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of flavor contained in this small wrap. I topped it off with a redeye (coffee w/ shot of espresso in it) to wake myself up and was off to a great Monday morning of checking fantasy football. Now, if you are looking for a meal that will fill you up, this is not it, but it is a pretty healthy choice that does not lack in flavor or ethnicity. "

-Sire Phil Espinosa #14

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  1. A seasonal gem:

    Now, I am well aware that the very mention of this item on the Starbucks menu will immediately label me a panty-waist; BUT the Starbucks Pumpkin Bread is a quick breakfast that will please as well. They cut you a nice piece, about 2” in girth. Wash that down with the “quad” espresso and that should take you right to the 11:00 pre-crash/snack.

    Se-Port Deli review to come and to clear up any inconsistencies on this post.

    Pete C.