Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Liquid Lunch

After a brief hiatus, my buddy Dennis, also known as RayRay, is back on the scene.  After a tough 3 days of traveling all over Florida for business, he decided a few drinks were needed to unwind before his flight home took off.  Pretty standard move by travelers, but Dennis wasted no time, rather than ordering one drink at a time he doubled up, to let the relaxation begin.

After reading Dennis' thoughts, check out the new Poll that has just been posted which has been inspired by this post.

"So as I am walking through the Charlotte Airport I was in the mood to quench the hunger sensation present in my stomach. I noticed they had the traditional fast food establishments in the food court and the more than usual Latte cafes that have become ever so popular.  And then I found what I needed, Charlotte's own "Original Bacardi Rum Bar and Grill".  I quickly viewed the menu and decided that after 3 days of traveling I was in a mood for a cocktail.  I chose to have 2 grey goose dirty martini's (notice the picture of my brother-in-law and business partner Chris, you may know him as Snee on the blog.  He did the wedding post) and call it a day as I waited for my flight.  There is no better way to end traveling the south for 3 days than with a couple of  stiff Dirty Martinis.  The only gripe is the olives weren't stuffed with Gorgonzola Cheese!"

- RayRay

(Notice Dennis and Snee were checking out the Drunken Noodle post while at the bar)

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