Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hank's Birthday

Hank in the Blue Shirt came up from the comment basement, took off the skirt, and put on his overalls and graced us with this phenominal post from The Black Rock Oyster Bar & Grill in Fairfield, CT.  I was expecting big things from Hank based on the his fork technique in the picture from the post Almost Illegal, so I am not suprised that he brought it.

"Hank Here. After being told to “take off my skirt and stop hiding behind the fork” I decided it was time to make an addition to the main page. I will look past the fact that the only people that take off skirts for lunch pail are men because this seems to be is a judgment free blog. The story of this luncheon begins and ends in Fairfield, CT.

Nothing like a birthday/veterans day celebration to bring out some stellar plates. While it was a standard meal, Gaetano couldn’t resist making waves with the waiter. The average person that ganders over a menu and finds something to complain about use a term such as “hold this” or “no that”. But not with the Italian who ordered the “Oyster Club with the bacon on the side”. Fried select oysters with tarter on a traditional club sandwich with French fries, cole slaw and a pickle. With this, the waiter takes the time to prepare a separate plate of three strips of crisp bacon. Of course, as the reason for asking for bacon on the side was because he doesn’t like bacon, the crisp bacon was laid to waste. If only it had been Italian sausage. Please note the plate of bacon on the left side of the photo.

As for Hank, I enjoyed a delicious cup of New England Clam Chowder and a Marinated Black Angus Steak Sandwich both can be seen below.

However, despite the fact that the Italian lacks common manners for a man working as a food slinger or to any hungry soul in the world.. He does have his priorities in line. For the past two days he has been stressing to me how important it is to get all of my work done up on the 10th floor. I have been up there all day and yet in the past hour have been forced downstairs twice. Round 1, was to mange on some birthday cake. GRPD’s slice is noted below, the second time was to make me come downstairs and spend 20 minutes of the work day making a blog post."

Love Always,

p.s. according to GRPD, he ate one slice of Bacon. I cannot confirm this.
p.p.s the birthday cake was leftover from yesterday.

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