Friday, November 13, 2009

Miller's Ale House - Chicago

It is about time, BG and his team in Chicago finally went out and had a real dinner.  They put down their forks and knives (except for Brigham), loosened their bra straps, and got their hands dirty.  They decided to go to Miller's to watch the Bears - Niners game.  Overall it looks like a great meal, and you guys should be proud you submitted something legit, but I can't let you completely off the hook.  Why Chicken Nachos? and Where are the wings?  Bar, Beer, Burgers, Football...and no wings?  I blame your lack of beef and wings the reason for Cutler's terrible performance last night which resulted in 2.48 fantasy pts.  Thanks.

"Yoooooo time for the Gexpro team to redeem themselves in the light of the lunchoclock blog universe. Hit up Miller's Ale House for da bears and we ate enough to make da bears superfans envious. Started off with buckets of beer then the hugest chicken nachos I've ever seen. Probably 200 calories in each bite. Then came the man burgers....chili, bacon, cheese burgers and fries. Holy shit, as Harry "shoot for the gut" would say "sooooooooooo deliciousssssss"

Johnny boy and BG both tossed aside the lettuce and tomato for a true man burger, but Brigham here kept the lettuce and the pickle....barely finishes the burger, scrapes off the chili, and eats the last two bites with a fork and knife. Hopefully he redeems himself tomorrow night with Chicago deep dish pizza but probably not. Gonna have to get him a cosmo and some bagel bites."

- BG

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