Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bread Bowls, You Can Have Your Bowl and Eat it Too...

BG is back from Chicago and ready to redeem himself.  BG is your typical man.  He drinks beer to stay hydrated and brushes his teeth with Jameson, so it doesn't suprise me that he loves beef stew, especially beef stew in a bread bowl.  Casey John Todd once said, "The best thing about a bread bowl is that nothing is wasted."  Casey knows a thing  about bread bowls, him and his girlfriends, they call themselves G3, meet up at Panera every Wednesday to talk about their feelings and he always gets soup in a bread bowl and a salad.  Maybe one day Casey John will share his story with us.  Until then...

"The Gexpro cafeteria had beef stew bread bowls for lunch today and they were tasty. BG and Dan Vailette (the Gexpro team today....this team changes on a daily basis) went down to the caf and saw they had beef stew in bread bowls and it looked damn tasty. Bread bowls make any bowl of soup that much better, and if it is a soup that normally goes with bread then you have hit a gold mine. OH WOW. The beef stew was pretty good, not as good as Mama Jalette can make it, but it was good and the best part was the bread. A nice sourdough loaf and complemented the stew. Lastly, a word from Dan Vailette, a self professed cookie fanatic, the cookies from the Gexpro cafeteria were GREAT Monday, but they haven't held onto their goodness or chewiness since then, and were pretty terrible today."

- BG


Eat your carrots BG


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