Friday, November 6, 2009

Sorry Chopstick King, You Lose.

I was looking forward to introducing one of my favorite Chinese food dinners tonight, but my usual go to take out place did a terrible job. They must have gotten a new chef because the past two times I have been there, my meals have been sub par. There chicken was mushod and the fried rice was lacking everything. I didn't get any steamed dumplings, but I will make an exception and do a post about them because they are the best I have ever had, as long as they haven't gone to shit like the rest of the food at this place. Fool me once Chop Stick King, shame on you. Fool me twice Chopstick King, shame on me. Sorry Chop Stick King, you lose. You only get two strikes. I would have given you a chance for a third strike, but the fortune that I received at the end of my meal made my decision for me..."Try a new system, or different approach".

My new approach will be going to a different chinese food place that I was introduced to by Panagiotis Koutroubis (see Omelet in a Pinch). It also happens to be the originator of one of my favorite chinese food meals. That post along with the dumplings from the shit house across the street will be posted at a later date.



  1. I have to be honest, had Chopsticks King last week and felt the same way about the fried rice, and now that I see this post, I will not give them a second chance. At least their name is original.

  2. They do have great, or at leat they used to have great steamed dumplings though. I am not sure if those have changed as well, but I get some this week and post about them.