Tuesday, November 24, 2009

18 Inches of Quiznos

Personally, I rank Quiznos second on my fast food sandwich list behind Blimpie and ahead of Subway.  The toasted sub is good and they are a little more generous with the meats than subway, but there is a thing about pre sliced cold cuts that bothers me.  Blimpie actually slices the meat made to order, so it feels a little more legit than the other two C League sandwich shops.

It is safe to say GRPD loves fast food sandwiches.  You would think a kid who is Italian enough to have a name like Gaetano and 4 middle names would go out of his way for a nice Salami and Provolone sandwich or maybe some Gabagool, Fresh Mutz, and Roasted Peppers.  But no, he is perfectly satisfied dining at the basements of the sandwich world. 
To change up his routine of Subway, Gaetano decided to get Quiznos, while still keeping his tradition of a 12 inch main course, and 6 inch appetizer.  I think next time he should forget the the 6 inch appetizer, and combine it with his 12 inch.  Maybe something like Chicken Cutlet and Meat Balls or Turkey and Cheese with Tuna.  Something wild to make the sandwich maker question if it is two sandwiches or one.  I guess he did get a little daring, he got pepperjack instead of cheddar.  Although it is a baby step, there is still hope.  I do give him credit.  He admited this was not really post worthy, but I don't like to discriminate here, it is a change of pace from Subway, and it was what he had for lunch.

"This combo is a large 'Traditional' w/ pepperjack (instead of cheddar), roast beef, turkey, ham, black olived, lettuce, onions and ranch dressing. For an appetizer I got a small Primo meatball on whole wheat. With a large soda and a coupon this all came to $9.83 thanks to Quiz-daddy."


Don't spill the drink on the Laptop.  Respect the wood, use a coaster.


  1. I really think it's time you stepped out of the Sandwich and a Half post realm, especially when they are from QuizzNO's and SubparWay.

  2. I agree. It was only posted because it was from Quiznos. Yes it is redundant, but at least it wasn't from Subway. Feel free to contribute anything you want.

    GRPD - It looks like people are getting tired of the standard sandwiches. Time to start stepping your game up!

  3. Agreed. But you should step out of the comment basement and show your face. Maybe do a post of your own.

  4. Bologna and Cheese and Elbow Drops!

  5. QuizKnows, Robertoes or Sub-wah...

  6. This looks like a slickdeal to me...under $10 thats unheard of....never been a fan of Qwizknows, but i do know a slickdeal when i see it.