Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cappricio Cafe - Stamford, CT

Here is a review provided by Will the Thrill.  I have been to Cappricio a few times and agree the the brocoli rabe is terrible, along with the pizza.  The only thing worth eating there are the sandwiches/paninis. 

"While well visited in the summer for its outdoor seating, Capriccio Café is also a great lunch spot in the winter. The menu is pretty limited but they have a good section of panni’s and other sandwiches as well as pizza and very good salads. This time I had the Tonno, Italian tuna, artichoke hearts, and black olive pesto (they used kalamata not Spanish olives). I found this to be a decent sandwich but the addition of artichoke hearts was underwhelming. One huge disappointment I have had in the past here is the quality of the broccoli rabe. As one of my favorite founds, I am a discerning eater, but I think anyone can tell you it is sub par. This café has a great atmosphere and a pretty good menu, if you know what to order. "


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