Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Coromandel - Stamford, CT

I had to run to the bank today during lunch so I figured it would be a good opportunity to meet up with Panagiotis.  We decided on Coromandel, a double decker indian joint on the corner of Broad and Summer St.  Nothing like a nice Indian lunch to break up your morning and afternoon.  We decided it would be easiest to just get the buffet which compromised of numerous offerings that I couldn't pronounce.  All and all it was a good meal for a reasonable price.  They even walk around with this sizzling plate of Tandoori Chicken as part of the meal.  I asked Pete to write up a little something about what he thought of the food, but I guess he has yet to come out of the bathroom.  See the picture of his plate below with a brief description of each.

Starting from the top and going clockwise....
  • An assortment of potatoe, spinach, and onion fritters.  They were good, similar to tempura at a japanese restaurant.
  • Chicken cooked with ginger, garlic, onions, chilis, and curry leaves in a spicy sauce over rice.
  • Slop #1 - Potatoes and eggplant in some sort of red sauce.
  • Slop #2 - Chickpeas, spinach, carrots, and some other stuff.  I didn't go near this as well as a few of the other things that were being served. This is Pete's plate, he is braver than me.
  • Chunks of lamb in a cashew, almond, coconut sauce.  This was the best dish they offered, besides the Tandoori Chicken.

- Lunch Pail


  1. Very interesting dish...Although I think I'd rather have the Egg Sandwich and pass on the bathroom hiatus.


  2. Harry in the BlindNovember 11, 2009

    I actually just crapped my pants looking at the plate. I'm sweating profusely...

  3. This is apparently the Zagat best indian restaurant in the tri-state-area. I'm a big fan of the $8 lamb lunch box. Tandoori Chicken is amazing here.

  4. Gonna have to go check it out when i'm back in stamford....anyone want to come with?