Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Kind of Sauce With That? - Halal Cart, 55th and Madision, New York, NY

After reading Phil #14's post yesterday about his favorite halal cart, Matt Scalo got in the mood to go to his most frequented halal cart on 55th and Madison.  It seems as if Matt and the man behind the cart have a nice relationship and you cannot put a price tag on that.  It almost sounds like they run across the street towards each other in slow motion, the meet in the middle, and Matt picks him up and twirls him around as they both smile and laugh.

By the looks of the picture, I am going to have to give the nod to the man on 53rd and 6th.  It looks like they give no pita and they kind of skimp out on the meet compared to 53rd and 6th.  Personally, I feel that pita is key, it is like a second fork that is used to sop of all the bits at the end.  Matt has agreed that the next time he is in the city he will venture over across town and try the other cart.  We will then know how loyal he is.

"Since I recently moved to Minnesota with my wife I've found my food selection to be... different. Oddly enough I read in Forbes that Minnesota is the #6 healthiest state in the country behind the likes of Vermont (tree huggers can't get any healthier than fruits and berries right?)

One of the things I look forward to most on my business trips back to NYC, besides my family and Chipotle (in that order), is the Halal food aka "cart guy" around the corner from my office on Park Ave. It's strange enough walking past a Ferrari dealership to get to his oasis of lamb and yellow rice (you can substitute other rices, yellow works for me) but even more strange is that he's ALWAYS there. Like a light house in a storm, I know I can always count on a piping hot styrofoam take out tray of food. Additionally, I eat there once a month, literally because of my travel schedule, and he has my order cooking as I'm crossing the street! It's like we're old friends or something... Enough of my comments about the experience, on with the food!!

Lamb and yellow rice platter, white sauce and hot sauce, and a small side salad. In my opinion, lamb is the only way to go unless your a South African triathlete that formerly lived in LA who likes chicken (Lombardo!) or a communist.

Like dirty water dogs, the cart guy cannot be passed up if your in NYC looking for an inexpensive yet delicious meal."

- Matt Scalo

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