Friday, November 6, 2009

The Robway Special

This just in from Gaetano "Too Many Middle Names" DeLuca, aka GRPD, a Tarrytown, NY native. Seems like GRPD earns a nice salary and can afford expensive lunches. Man I wish I had his job. Try not to get any grease on those precious workpapers.

"So I decided to change things up today for lunch since I went the hot breakfast this morning (consisting of scrambled eggs, home fries, breakfast sausages and French toast). I call this the 'Robway Special Combo' - total cost $11.75.
This special platter includes sautéed chicken, spicy salsiccia & escarole served over rigatoni with a side of freshly baked bread from Roberto's Restaurant ($9.00) and the weekly Friday special at Subway which includes 6 inches of tuna on whole wheat with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and olives ($2.75)."



  1. Breakfast - $5. Lunch - $11.75.

    Mileage to Bridgeport pays for it.

  2. That is one of the filthiest combos ive ever heard...reminds me of when Tim Johnston put a can of bumble bee tuna on top of his overboiled macaroni with a jar of classico vodka sauce. Tim was dead sober.

  3. For those who are Ignoramus to the wonders of Tuna, I'll let you in on a little secret - it just happens to be a secret ingredient in many great Italian dishes. You have probably experienced this pleasure but just don’t know it.

    Sounds like TJ knows his stuff, although I recommend using jarred tuna in oil rather than canned tuna.