Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tin Tin

So I had a major dilemma presented to me today. Do i decide to go healthy and go for Greek food or do I treat myself to a little touch of Chinese Heaven. Then I said to myself, whatever happened to the good ol sit down family style Chinese Restuarant where you can go enjoy yourself with your freinds and family and not have to have take out. Then it hit me...I live in Queens and there still is a great sit down Chinese restuarant in Bayside that had my name on it. I did not get the Poo Poo Platter but I did get a phenomenal General Tso Chef Special. Not only did it come with fried rice and an egg roll but I also ordered a deep fried dumpling special that screamed out "Mouth Sex" to me when I bit into it. Lauren ordered the "Happy Family Meal" which containeed beef, chicken, shrimp and scallops.....i think every member of the zodiac animal family! I'm glad I decided to bring back child hood memories of East Islander in Monroe and truly enjoy a Chinese Restuarant where my food didnt come in a Brown Paper Bag.

If anyone else has had good Chinese memories lately, let me know what they were and what you favorite meal to order is.

Yours Truly,
Ray Ray


  1. Nice entry Ray, but here at LUNCH O'CLOCK we encourage images. You have a flashy BlackBerry, take a quick shot and share the love.

  2. Ray Ray, Monroe, NY is to Chinese food as Texas is to Kosher Delis...but i'll let this one slide. The Mouth Sex dumplings sound amazing, but i agree with Joseph that pics are encouraged.

    Aim for the Guts,