Sunday, November 8, 2009

Texas Pizza

This is a submission from Harry in the Blind and David Jalette, aka Bad Gorilla. In between auditing and making delicious meals such as texas pizza, BG manages a small demolition team on weekends. To see some of his work click the link: I got an email on Thursday from Harry letting me know that him and BG were going to have a Saturday afternoon full of Texas Pizza, College Football, and Tummy Sticks. Texas Pizza is a simple concept developed by BG a year ago when him and Harry were roomates. It consists of Ellios Pizza, Ground Beef, and BBQ Sauce. I guess the BBQ sauce makes it Texas style. This would be a great meal to make a girl on your first date, word on the street is that it has the same effect as oysters.

"Yoooo Keary and bg made some Texas pizza upgrade over regular Texas pizza bc we used elios supreme instead of regular cheese elios...regular ground beef and bbq sauce. people think it's gross but its soooooo deliciousssssssss"

- Harry in the Blind & BG

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  1. Harry in the BlindNovember 08, 2009

    Apple Iphone/Continuously Semi-Drunk Bad Gorilla takes horribly blurry pictures