Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fat and Grease...

This next post comes from a buddy of mine, Joe Keary, a.k.a Harry in the Blind. Keary is a proud alumni of St. Joe's Regional in Montvale, NJ and is a proud supporter of all things New Jersey (notice the sweatshirt). So it is no surprise that his first post originated in New Brunswick. Beware of the Rut!...

On a side note, I once ate two of these in one night after a good night of partying during my prime. Beware of the RUT!

"Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ is known for being the birthplace of college football and for being one of the Northeast’s largest research universities, but some would argue that its greatest accomplishment would be the R.U. Hungry Trucks that sit on Frat Row. The “Grease Trucks” as they are known by college students and area residents offer delicacies such as the Fat Bitch, Fat Cat, Fat Philippino and the ever popular Fat Darrell, named after Rutgers Graduate Darrell Butler in 1997.

The secret to these culinary masterpiece’s is that they are available as late as 3:30am and PACKED.

Run-down of a standard “Fat” sandwich:

8-inch sub/hoggie/wedge/soft-roll

Then comes the fun:

FAT DARRELL: Two chicken fingers, two mozzarella sticks, french fries and marinara sauce.

FAT PHILLY: Two chicken fingers, cheesesteak, gyro meat, two mozzarella sticks, white and red sauces, lettuce and tomato.

FAT CAT (the original): Two cheeseburgers, fries, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mayo.

These culinary masterpieces start off at 1,700 calories of pure deep-fried glory. Cardiologists in the area have been reportedly funding the grease trucks since the 80’s as $4.50 for one of these bad boys is a steal.

To cap of this post, Cudos to Greg for starting this blog, and I hope to be a long-term future contributor. If you’re in the New Brunswick area, stop for a Fat Cat.

Aim for the guts!



  1. * St. Joseph Regional High School

    -Harry in the Blind

  2. I believe that this post shuold not be in the running for meal of the month as the picture of the sandwich is not authentic. Around here, we call that fraud. After a little resarch, this audit team found the source of the image, and find it rather disturbing.

    - One man wolfpack