Friday, November 6, 2009

Omelet in a pinch

My Japanese friend who resides in Norwalk, CT, Panagiotis Koutroubis, aka "(Peter)" was able to get a good night sleep last night and decided to make himself breakfast this morning. See below for this simple, yet ethnic breakfast...

"I made a feta cheese omelet this morning since I had an extra 15 mins to spare. 2 eggs, a little milk, salt, pepper, and feta.. "

- Panagiotis Koutroubis

1 comment:

  1. Don't forget the Greek OJ in the top right corner.

    3 nice sized oranges from the motherland
    1-8 oz. container of crumbled Mykonos Feta Cheese (including the water.

    Juice the oranges into a glass and crumble mykonos cheese in. Blend with Lamb Tail.

    And that is how you Make O&FJ (Orange and Feta Juice).

    Aim for the Guts,

    Harry in the Blind