Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Almost Illegal -footlong special in your favor

Here is another from a member of GRPD's Subway Club. I just wonder what my man Hank in the blue shirt is eating in the background. Click the picture to get a close look of him enjoying something good...

"This entry comes from another member of our engagement team with a way too high vowel to consonant ratio in his last name and from the country that looks like a boot. Unofficially, the vowel to consonant ratio is4:5 and he is probably some super distant relative of GRPD. Going forward, he will be affectionately referred to as Larr-Dogg (Two R's and Two G's).Have you ever wanted a little appetizer before your nice brown baglunch? Everyone knows the perfect complement to a brown bag lunch is asix inch from Subway.
Question? What do you do when you are not in the mood for the deliciousness that is Tuesday meatball special (like GRPD) for $2.75 and do not want to pay the $4.30 (before tax) of a non-special six-inch fora brown-bag appetizer?
Answer: This is the perfect opportunity to create a win-win situation.These tough economic times call for tough measures. Larr-Dogg was quite astute. After realizing the partner had ordered a six inch BMT (no onions), he had one great idea. He turned the partners order in too a footlong - thus receiving the $5 foot long special. Now Larr-Dog has his six inch appetizer at a $2.50 special price and our partner who would have originally had to pay full price received a deal of his own.The only downside to this calculated move is that these six-inchers aren ot wrapped separately, but everything has a price.Here is a picture of Larr-Dogg enjoying his six inch hors d'oeuvre(notice the lack of wrapper as he was kind enough to let the partner enjoy his deliciousness on top of the standard subway wrapper)."



  1. Hank here. Long time reader first time commenter. That's a nice chicken parm with ziti plate from Roberto's.


  2. Hey Hank,

    I think it is time to take the skirt off and submit a post. You have th ebest lunch there. Dont hide behind the fork...

    - Lunch Pail

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