Friday, April 9, 2010

Loco Chet

Here is my take on a Hawaiin dish called the Loco Moco which I saw on either the Travel Channel or Food Network.  The Loco Moco consists of white rice, burger patty, and brown gravy.  Since I did not have burger patties or brown gravy, I decided to make my own version called the Loco Chet.  The Loco Chet is made up of a base layer of white rice with some Franks Red Hot.  Then a layer of onions, canadian bacon, and dived cherry peppers cooked in a pan with some olive oil.  That is then topped off with 2 sunny side up eggs.  The creaminess of the egg yolks mixed with the fluffy white rice was an interesting and delicious combo.  I will admit though, I let the eggs cook to long and the yold was not as runny as I would have liked.

- Lunch Pail

Stages of the Loco Chet

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