Monday, April 19, 2010

Sausage Egg & Cheese on a Thruway

This needs no introduction...

"Let's get this out there right now...I condone neither drinking and driving, nor driving with no hands. I CERTAINLY don't condone doing both at the same time, but I had to last night in order to express my feelings about a gas station sausage, egg, & cheese on a biscuit that I had on the way home from drinking beers and playing wiffle ball with the boys from Jersey.

(NOTE: While I was drinking, I was totally fine to drive...I promise. I wasn't like one of those guys in the commercials who get pulled over and is sitting in about 4 feet of beer.)

On the way up Rte. 17 in Bergen County, you pass fast food place after fast food place for miles. I finally gave in at the last place on the highway, a Valero Food Mart. Now I'm not saying it was the best S.E.C. I've ever had, but it was darn tasty for a sandwich you buy at a place where people pull over to urinate. I feel that sandwiches like that are the perfect food after drinking as they have a great amount of grease, and for driving as it's not a particularly messy sandwich compared to other things you might get. Again, please, don't drink and drive.

Please take notice in the pictures of time and speed. The section of sandwich I'm holding was the same section that is in my mouth in picture #2. You'll see my eyes totally fixated on the road. Safety First!"
- Snee
1 hand on the sandwich, 1 hand taking the picture.  No hand on the wheel.


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