Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bradford's Grill and Tavern, Stamford, CT

Bradford's Grill and Tavern has the best wings in Stamford.  Buffalo Wild Wings, Vinnie's Backyard, SBC, Bobby V's, and Tiernan's are all bottom shelf compared to Bradford's.  
They offer 50 cent wings during happy hour and 30 cent wings on Wednesday's with the purchase of a $3 beverage.  I use to go there on Wednesday nights when I lived in Stamford for a couple of beers and a plate of wings.  I miss doing this and should probably stick around after work one week and crush some wings.  My flavor of choice is the Super Hot, although occasionally, they don't sauce them enough, like the picture below.

- Lunch Pail

Order of 10 Super Hot


  1. Brickhouse has the best wings and best deal on Stamford. 25 cent wings and 5 dollar pitchers on wednesdays? Come on!

  2. They have a better deal, but not better wings. In your opinion, what separates a great wing from a good wing?