Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Baked Wings

With the Super Bowl coming up, I thought I would share some wings that I made a while back when visiting my brother in MN.  My sister-in-law found this crazy way to make wings and wanted to try it, so we did.  First, you steam the wings for ten minutes, then you place them on a drying rack with a sheet pan underneath, and place them in the fridge for an hour.  The refrigeration process is so the chicken can dry which should result in a crispier wing after they are baked.  Once they were dried in the fridge, we baked them in the oven.  They came out ok, no different than any other baked wings that I have made before, and if you don't have extra room in the fridge, this method could be a pain.

I served the wings two ways, traditional buffalo style with hot sauce and butter and an Asian style.  The Asian style consisted of all things Asian I was able to find in my brothers fridge with a tough of BBQ and butter.  I enjoyed them both, but everyone else preferred the buffalo style.

My personal beliefs on wings.  1) Deep frying should be the only way to make wings.  Baking doesn't make them any healthier, and they can never match the quality of deep frying. 2) When making wings at home, buy a package of whole chicken wings and split the flat from the drumette yourself.  The frozen bags of raw wings are the worst, and the size of the pre-split wings that come in a package tend to be smaller than wings that you have to split on your own.

- Lunch Pail

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