Friday, May 7, 2010

Cafeteria Cheeststeak

Around 11 am this morning I started thinking about what I was going to have for lunch today since I forgot my turkey and cheese with hot sauce on wheat bread sandwich in my refrigerator.  Since I had a salad yesterday, there was no need for veggies today and it was too hot for a soup.  They usually have fish as the entree on Fridays but I don't really trust it.  After a brief brainstorm and a few clicks through, I decided I was going to get a cheesesteak.  To my surprise, posted on the menu board for the grill station as the special for the day were cheesesteaks.  Bingo. 

I got mine with some onions, mushrooms, spinach, BBQ sauce, and yellow American cheese.  The yellow American is huge because it melts all sloppy like the cheeze-wiz on a Pat's cheesesteak in Philly.  The spinach was a dumb idea and I don't know why I did it.  Especially since most of it ended up in the second half of the sandwich, which made it more of a Spinach and steak sandwich than a cheesesteak. 

Overall it was a great sandwich, not as good as the real deal, but much better than a shit house Steak-Um.

- Lunch Pail.

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