Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cassano's Pizza - Tarrytown, NY

My quest to find the best pizza in the Tarrytown area has begun.  Having a go-to-place place to grab a slice in your living area is key.  

After some searching online, I settled on Cassano's Pizza on N. Broadway.  It is a nice place with restaurant style seating in the front, and a pizza counter towards the back.  They had a variety of pies on display to get by the slice, some of which included: pepperoni, chicken parm, spinach and mushroom, white, sausage and peppers, meat lovers, Sicilian, chicken scarpariello, and plently more.  The meat lovers and chicken scarp slices are in the running for which slice to eat on my next visit.  I went with a pepperoni (pictured below) and a spinach and mushroom.  Both slices were terrific.  The mushrooms were fresh, not canned and the pepperoni slice had a nice grease factor.  The slice was the perfect thickness/thinness and had a slight crunch when you bit into it.  The crust was perfectly cooked, folded without snapping, and had a good bite.

Overall the slices were great and I will definitely go back.  I cannot yet say whether this is the best slice in Tarrytown, since this was my first stop, but I can say it is better than any slice in Stamford, CT. 

- Lunch Pail


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