Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Madurkis - Dalton's Deli - Norwalk, CT

The Madurkis is a favorite of Rob Young.  This hero sandwich is loaded up with chicken cutlet, bacon, melted cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard.  As a bonus, Rob requests his with hot sauce.  I recently had the chance to enjoy a Madurkis, bu it seems Dalton's has slipped a bit from last summer when they first opened. 

Everything was great, except for the cutlet.  The hero roll was fresh, the bacon was crisp, plenty of cheese, not too much lettuce, and the honey mustard/hot sauce balance was perfect.  The chicken however was very dry, some parts were jerky dry.  This is most likely the result of the chicken sitting in the steam table too long.  I have had their chicken cutlet before and it was good, so I was surprised with the quality of it this time around.

Overall Dalton's is a good deli with respectable egg sandwiches and a good lunch menu.  If you are ever near the Merritt/Rte. 7 side of Norwalk, grab a Madurkis or the Doc's Panini.

- Lunch Pail

The Mighty Madurko

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  1. I just indulged in a little Madurkism and was never more disappointed with a sandwich. As one who has never strayed from the Doc's Panini, I was very excited to try something new. I ordered it "to go" and had to hold back my salivary glands on the ride back to the office. When I unraveled the 12" of goodness I was punched in the face by the fact that there was NO bacon. I rationalized with myself concluding that I shouldn't have ordered a sandwich with bacon on it anyway. And so I did what any man would do when their order is messed up, and I slammed my teeth through the sandwich which was prepared half assed and lacklusterly. Then my mind was made up. The chicken was tough as nails and the rest of the lunch experience has been voided from my mind. My 25 minutes of pleasure for the day has been taken away from me, and I will never get it back....Nor will I ever order the Madurkis again.