Monday, August 16, 2010

Hey, how's the veal today?

I recently met up at Nonna's in Stamford for lunch, but wasn't in the mood for pizza.  I asked the guy behind the counter how the veal was, but I guess he was a vegetarian because he didn't answer me.  He had to ask the guy next to him, who then told me it was the "best in town".  Taking his word for it I ordered a veal parm sub.

After a few bites, the guy behind the counter gives me a thumbs up and says, "The veal is really good right", I nodded back and agreed it was good.  It was well cooked and tender.  The sandwich however, could have used some more sauce, some more veal, and some more time in the oven. 

- Lunch Pail

Overhead Shot
Chomp Shot

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