Thursday, October 14, 2010

General Haresh's Chicken

Like General Jensen's, General Haresh is a spin on the classic General Tso's.  I have never eaten curry prior to dating my fiance, but since then, it has become a favorite of mine and I figure I would try to incorporate a new favorite of mine, with a classic chinese dish that I have been crushing for years.  General Haresh's Chicken is General Tso's style chicken, but with curry sauce and onions.  The curry sauce is much spicier than the standard Tso's sauce and the onions are a great addition.  The fine folks at Young's Chinese Kitchen, who operate the cleanest Chinese take out restaurant I have ever stepped foot in, were able to make my General Haresh idea into a reality.

If you are looking to eat a good curry dish outside of an Indian or Thai restaurant, give General Harsesh's Chicken a try. 

- Lunch Pail

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