Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Benny's Fast Break - Stamford, CT (Updated)

June 2010 - I have added a few more pictures from a recent lunch at Benny's.  Similar to the hot dog, the bread to meat ratio on the chicken cheesesteak I had was unacceptable.  More meat is better than more bread, and it was kind of dry.  Needed lots of ketchup.

A few months ago Bennett Salvatore, the NBA referee and owner of Bennett's Steak and Fish House in Stamford, CT, opened up a hot dog/lunch spot called Benny's Fast Break on Bridge St in Stamford.  Since I am a fan of hot dogs and lunch I decided to give it a try.  Since it was my first time there I figured I would go with a couple of hot dogs.  I ordered a Special #3, which is a dog with kraut and spicy mustard, a Chili Dog, and an order of fried with chili on the side.  I will start with the best part of the meal, the chili and fries.  The chili had good texture and some nice spice. You were able to taste the chili and not just heat which was nice.  It is some of the better hot dog chili that I have had.  The fries were shoe string and had a nice crisp.  They were tossed in this salt and pepper blend as soon as they came out of the fryer which was an unexpected surprise that worked out real nice.

The hot dogs on the other hand were kind of a let down.  They serve an all beef hot dog which I like, but split it and cook it on the flat top which I don't like so much.  The next problem was the size of the bun compared to the hot dog itself, see picture below.  The bun to dog ratio was way to high for my liking.  They use a potatoe bun which I like, but not when it is paired with a small hot dog.  I felt like I was eating more bread than anything with every bite.  Lastly was the hot dog itself.  There was no snap.  I am a fan of the snap and was disappointed that there was no snap.   Maybe the massive amounts of bun absorbed the snap, who knows.  What I do know is that I will not return to Benny's for hot dogs.  Instead I would get a bowl of chili to go and put it on a hot dog I make at home.  I will go back for the cheesesteak though.  I saw a picture of it, and it looked awesome.  So there is still hope for Benny's, just not his dogs.

- Lunch Pail

Special #3 on the left, Chili dog on the right.  Check out the bun to dog ratio.  Unacceptable.  Plus an extra thumbs down for the non toasted bun.

Recently added pictures - June 2010


  1. The cheesesteak is great and the chicken one is just as good. Don't miss the fried onion strings.

  2. Hi from Barcelona Spain, very pleased to watch, smell and taste all kind of sandwiches you expose here, nice blog and very interesting, with your permission i put in my own blog who enjoy my people.


  3. Ketchup on a chicken cheesesteak? Ugh! They're great with mayo. Do agree that they are a little light with the meat though.