Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mina's Kitchen - Monroe, NY

Mina's Kitchen is a Spanish restaurant in Monroe, NY and specializes in Dominican cuisine.  I have driven passed this place numerous times and never figured to try it, until Joe "Serious Meat" Scalo was talking it up one day.  He said it was awesome, and one of the best lunches around.  Taking his advice I went there for lunch recently.  It is a small place with a cafeteria set-up and a hand written menu on a white board.  I imagine the menu is always changing, but the offer a variety of dishes including, roast pork, baked chicken, pepper chicken, ox tail, fish stew, and ribs.  I had no idea what to order, but I saw some guy eating something and asked what it was because it looked legit.  He told me to get the roast pork and to make sure to get a side of garlic sauce.  He even offered me a piece to try, but I declined.

This man did not lie.  This roast pork was delicious, tender, evenly spiced, and not too fatty.  The garlic sauce gave it a nice touch and was not too over powering.  With the pork I got the yellow rice with those mini bean/lentils and green olives, and some black beans.

Great recommendation Serious Meat, I will be sure to eat there again.

- Lunch Pail

Roast Pork w/ Yellow Rice

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