Friday, March 12, 2010

Colonel K’s Pasty Shop, Menominee, MI

When I hear the word pasty I immediately think of this exact phone conversation that I had with a bartender at a gentlemen's club while on spring break during college:
GC Bartender: "Kitty's Caberet" (I forget the actual name)
Me: "Hello, I was wondering if you guys have a buffet?"
GC Bartender: "No we don't, but we have two vending machines"
Me: "Great thanks.  Also, do the girls wear pasties?"
GC Bartender: "No sir they do not, they are completely top less"

Little did I know, Pasty has a double meaning in Michigan's upper penninsula as told by BG below...

“Been in the Upper Peninsula, MI (UP) for the past two weeks for work and finally got to try a Pasty on my last night here. There isn’t much food wise that can say it’s originally from the UP except for Pastys. I guess they were originally eaten by miners who would bring them into the mines because they are totally self contained lunches, kind of a large hot pocket. I went with a beef Pasty and my co-worker went with a beef & rutabaga Pasty.
The beef pasty was pretty good, a nice soft crust with a filing of small chunks of potatoes and beef with some salt and pepper seasoning inside. It was pretty moist, I’m sure they cook the filling after it has all been rolled up which keeps all the juices and flavors in. Everything held together nicely and nothing spilled out of it the way a calzone or a taco/wrap might. I can understand why miners would eat something like this, while it was pretty small looking, it filled you up and was a hearty meal. A little ketchup or hot sauce would definitely make this taste better. There were other types of Pasty’s you could get with chicken, pork, vegetables, broccoli & cheese, etc… but I figured I had to go with the most traditional. While a pasty is not something really exciting, they are proud of them up here in the UP and if you ever make your way up here make sure you try one.”
- Bad Gorilla

Colonel K's
Bad Gorilla Feasting

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