Monday, March 1, 2010

Trinity Steak Boxty - Tigin Irish Pub, Stamford, CT

It is hard for a guy like Keary (aka: Harry in the Blind or H.I.T.B), a big teddy bear with feelings, to get back into it the swing of things after reaching the top, just to have it all come crashing down.  He heard the critics chirping about how he lost his touch and how he will never be the same.  How great performers never make it back to the top and perform at the level of greatness they once had.  He had heard enough.  After spending the past few months on the sidelines, Sire Keary got back in the box took a few swings to see if he still had it.  He worked up a light sweat, but didn't over do it.  He just wanted to find his rythm and build his confidence back up to make sure he can go back to his old ways of punishment.

To celebrate how far he has come he decided to enjoy a nice lunch at Tigin with his buddy (Peter).  Tigin has great food, and although I have always been curious, I never ordered a boxty.  I usually go  with a burger or the fish n' chips.  With the way Sire Keary decribes it below he seems to be a fan of the boxty and will back for it again.

"So I went with my buddy and co-worker (Peter) to lunch today to celebrate my conquest from last night. I figured who better to have my first meal than one of the distant relatives of men like Alexander the Great who conquered the ancient world. We chose on Tigin Irish Pub in Stamford. They've recently introduced a new menu of which I've already tried a few of the items. Today was different. I started off with a Stella and Peter went with the Hoegaarden (orange). We both put our heads down and when we talked it through, the consensus was the Trinity Steak Boxty. This magical concoction features grilled steak, sautéed mushrooms and onions, wrapped in a potato boxty(crepe), topped with a whiskey-mushroom sauce. Typing this description is making me ready to go back for another one. It comes out, and we tackle it head on. Peter and I barely talked through the meal. They cooked off just enough of the whiskey in the whiskey-mushroom sauce for the taste to come through and not be overpowered by the mushrooms/gravy. All in all, this is my favorite meal at Tigin and I will definitely get it again."

- H.I.T.B

Trinity Steak Boxty

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