Monday, March 29, 2010

Lou Malnati's - Chicago, IL

Spent this past weekend in Chicago, and like all tourists, I had to go get some deep dish pizza.  Based on the recomendation of our host for the weekend, we went to Lou Malnati's, or as Sarah says "Eluminati's".  Some say they prefer Lou's over the more popular Gino's East which has been featured on number of tv shows, but I still prefer the New York style of pizza.

We ordered a half sausage and half cheese deep dish pizza.  It was good.  Lots of sausage, chunky sauce, just the right amount of cheese and a crisp buttery crust that held it all together.  A knife was not needed, I used the edge of the fork technique.  This was definitely the best deep dish pizza that I have had, even though I have only had it twice.  My first deep dish experience was at a Pizzeria Uno in Harriman, NY.  After eating two slices I felt like a had a lead ball in my stomach and was pretty much set for the day.

- Lunch Pail

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