Friday, March 5, 2010

Nonna's Pizza - Stamford, CT

Unlike most pizza places in the Stamford area, Nonna's serves pizza by the slice.  For months I drove past this place looking at the 'Coming Soon" sign eagerly anticipating the grand opening.  When it first opened I went in for a slice to go and was satisfied enough that it earned a return trip where I could sit and enjoy it right from the oven, rather than after a 5 minute drive.  This place reminded me of the pizza places I was familiar with growing up in NY.  A long counter with a glass case show casing the wide variety of slices (both sicilian and NY style), calzones, strombolis,  a few tables in the front to eat a slice at, and a restaurant style setting in the back. 

A couple of months back Keary and I went for a couple of slices.  After looking over the various pies, I decided on a slice of Chicken Scarpariello, and a Chicken Parm slice, Keary went with the Marsala, and a BBQ Chicken slice.  The slices are big, the crust is thin and the quantity of toppings is un real.  Each slices was loaded with pieces of chicken as seen below.  Over all the pizza was good.  The chicken had good flavor, and there was plenty of it, good amount a cheese, and the right amount of sauce.  My only complaint was the crust.  I like a crisp crust with a chewy inside.  The crust of Nonna's pie was kind of flat, too crispy, without alot of chew.  I will not let this deter me from going back as the pizza itself was good and the selection of slices was amazing. 

If you are ever in the area and want some pizza without having to sit through the wait of ordering a whole pie, stop by Nonna's for a quick slice. 

- Lunch Pail

Couple aerial shots and one of the underbelly.  From left to right: Chicken Scarp slice, Chicken Parm slice, Chicken Marsala slice, and a BBQ Chicken slice.

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  1. BIG fan of this place, was meaning to do a post on it but am way too lazy. Best all around pizza place in stamford in my opinion for the variety of pies/calzones/subs etc. Buffalo chicken slice is solid

    Located conveniently next to LA Fitness