Monday, March 8, 2010

Jersey BBQ Pit and Grill - Newark, NJ

When I think of Jersey I think of hot dogs, taylor ham, diners, left turns and gas station attendants.  The last think to come to mind is BBQ, especially when we are talking about Newark, NJ.

After a long night of high fives, chest bumps, moon landings, and awkward conversations at a 15 yr. High School Reunion, Snee found himself at a BBQ place that his friend had recently opened up in Newark, NJ.  Those of you who maybe skeptical about Snee having a biased opinion about this place since he use to hang out in a tree house and read nudie mags with the owner in their pre-pubescent days, don't be.  I have known him for quite a while now and know first hand he has no problem stating his opinion. 

"In continuing my tour of New Jersey, I stopped at a newly opened BBQ joint in the lovely resort town of Newark. An old friend of mine just opened up his own restaurant right on McCarter Highway, just a 3-Iron away from where the Nets now call their home. It's called the Jersey BBQ Pit and Grill,, and you can honestly smell it from the Parkway...but that's a good thing.

I stopped there the afternoon after my high school had a 15 year reunion, so I was starving due to the fact that 1.) I hadn't eaten all day, and 2.) I "rented" everything I ate the night before. So after chatting with the owner and catching up, I ordered a BBQ pork wrap and a combo with chicken, ribs, and pork tenderloin which comes with fries and yellow rice. I have to say, without being biased because I've known the guy since I was 12, the food was pretty damned good. The BBQ chicken basically melts in your mouth, the ribs come easily off the bone and there's plenty of meat, and they have the BBQ sauce on the side, which I think is a plus, that way you don't look like you just got shot in the face after each bite. Also, the yellow rice was awesome, (he's Spanish...that didn't surprise me), and the fries were typical fries you'd eat at a backyard BBQ. Eveything in that dish melded really well together.

The pork wrap caught me off guard...there was so much going on in it that I really have no idea what I ate, but it was friggin delicious. I honestly could have eaten 3 more of them, but I had to lay down and take nap.
I really have no idea where to get good BBQ, which is why I probably haven't had it in a while, but this stuff  is real deal. If you're ever in the area, I would suggest stopping in."

- Snee
BBQ Combo and Pork Wrap

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