Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Craftsteak Steakhouse - Las Vegas

After a few nights of crushing Johnny Walker on the rocks and losing his paycheck on the penny slots in Vegas, BG worked up an appetite.  He wanted more than the $4.99 buffet on the strip and bar peanuts, so he extended his credit line and bellied up at the Craftsteak Steakhouse for one final meal before he would get his hand smashed with a hammer after he was caught using trick dice in a parking lot craps game. 
Here is BG's story, pics of his crushed hand are not included....

“I was recently in Las Vegas staying at the MGM Grand, and while my diet consisted mainly of Jack & Cokes, 25 cent wings from Hooters served from midnight to 6 am, and bacon egg & cheese sandwiches from the sports book deli, we did have one fine dining experience. I went with 4 college friends of mine on this trip and we all agreed this was one of the top 3 steaks any of us had ever eaten.
We decided to stop by Craftsteak at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and what a treat it was. This is not an inexpensive steakhouse, be warned, but it is damn worth it. We all opted for cocktails (I went with a Manhattan) and then the rolls were brought out. I didn’t snap any pics, but they were small, about the size of a golf ball but were warm, buttery and the kicker was a small amount of sea salt on the top to offset the butter. I think the 5 of us had over 40 of them total. From there we all ordered our steaks and sides. I went with a classic dry aged T-Bone, the other guys had filets, a skirt steak, and a NY Strip. We also got the asparagus and 2 orders of the whipped mashed potatoes.
The steak was by far the best steak I’ve ever had. I’ve ate at Morton’s, Capital Grille, Bennett’s Steakhouse in Stamford, Texas de Brazil, and Smith & Wolensky in the city, but this steak was better than any I’ve ever had. It was lightly seared to give it a slight crisp on the edges and the meat was falling off the T-Bone. The meat was succulent, the perfect blend of juices, tender meat, and fat. The seasonings on the steak were subtle, but strong enough to say ‘Hey, I’m here’ but not strong enough to really change the flavor of the steak. The asparagus was perfectly baked with olive oil and some seasonings on them. The mashed potatoes were truly amazing. I’ve had great mashed potatoes, but these were almost the consistency of a milkshake, you could have drank them with a straw.
This is one of the top 3 meals I’ve ever had in my life, and that sentiment was shared by the 4 guys I was with. From the beginning with the rolls, to our sides of potatoes and asparagus, to the heavenly steak, it was a complete meal. Everyone’s steak was perfectly cooked and prepared with care. We also did not feel stuffed when we left, but had full bellies to go out and hit the town, which we did real hard. I know there are so many steakhouses in Vegas, and every casino is going to boast that theirs is the best, but trust me when I say this was the best steak I’ve ever had.

BG out”

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  1. please let it be known that i won a bunch of money in Vegas and covered the cost of the whole trip at a legit craps table.

    this guy doesnt need to play c-low in a parking lot to make some cash