Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Angry Leprechaun

While waiting for my flanken-style beef short ribs to be cut at Sam's Meat Warehouse in Florida, NY I was looking around the store to see what they had since it was my first time there.  I came across some beef and guiness sausage that they make in house and figured I would give it a try.  Knowing I had some potatoes, saurkraut, and spicy brown mustard at home I picked up some rolls so I can create the Angry Leprechaun.
The sausage was good and was pretty lean.  I cooked it on a griddle and split the sausage right before it was fully cooked.  I probably should not have done this because it dried out the sausage a little bit.  Next time I will cook it on an outdoor grill and substitute a club roll for a hot dog bun, which will eliminate the cause for splitting.  The Guiness added a dark brown color and a nice flavor to the meat.

The Angry Leprechaun

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