Monday, February 1, 2010

BEC - Corporate Cafeteria

A great breakfast and a standard in most peoples lives is the egg sandwich.  In most cases, you can tell how good a deli is just by their egg sandwich.  My go to is sausage or turkey sausage and I prefer the patty over the link on sandwiches.  I dress them with black pepper and ketchup.

The one thing I have noticed about Stamford, is that you cannot find a good egg sandwich anywhere.  Most of the egg sandwiches I have had in Stamford are decent, with the exception of the egg sandwiches from Garden Catering.  For now I will talk about the Bacon Egg and Cheese (BEC) I had the other morning from the cafeteria at my office.  This sandwich made a good first impression.  It was made with two eggs with medium well yolks, 3 strips of crisp bacon, white american cheese (weak), on a hard roll.  Two eggs on a sandwich should be the standard for all places.  An egg sandwich automatically gets a half a letter grade bump for the two egg standard.   Nothing is worse than a giant roll with one small egg.The worst part of the sandwich was the roll.  It was too thick and soft.  I prefer a less thick roll with more of a crust and bite to it. 

Overall this was a "B-" BEC, the help of the two eggs bumped it up from a C+.

Feel free to share your egg sandwich experiences and let me know where the best places are to find a good egg sandwich.

- Lunch Pail

The two eggs were nice and the bacon was crisp, but look at the roll.  Too much bread if you ask me.


  1. I'm glad it's breakfast sandwich week, because I have a lot of opinions about this food.

    1. The breakfast sandwich is, tragically, not a standard in "most people's lives." You have to live near a deli. I've lived in places without the basic breakfast sandwich (the south, Pittsburgh) and it's hard. You have to sit down and eat a plate of food in the morning.

    2. I love the white American cheese. I believe that the breakfast sandwich is one of the dishes in which this cheese achieves a brie-like transcendence.

    3. I think hot sauce is important.

  2. Nothing like a good BEC from Zody's 19th Hole before a round.